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As you age, not money or social status, here are truly the 3 measures of a person’s success and wealth

In fact, success does not come from wealth, power, popularity, or how many expensive items a person owns before losing it. Success, according to the measure of billionaires, lies in these 3 things.

When people reach “twilight years” they enter a new stage. At this age, people have gone through many ups and downs, met many types of people and experienced many situations. Therefore, they know what is right, what is wrong, what needs to be let go, what must be held on.

There are many people now “living to old age, making money until old age”. They are busy all their lives making money and are never satisfied with the money they earn. But if we are too busy, we will become physically and mentally exhausted, even at the end of our lives.

Life sometimes needs to run fast, but sometimes it needs to slow down, sometimes it’s smooth sailing, sometimes it’s difficult. We can’t always move forward, sometimes we should stop or take a step back so we can relax and rest. Then you suddenly realize that success, the greatest gift for the rest of your life, is these 3 things.

1. No disease, healthy body

Health is the ultimate thing in life. At the same age, some people can walk comfortably, but others have to sit in a wheelchair their whole life. Some people wake up from a warm bed every day, while others can only groan in their hospital beds.

Human life is extremely weak. Many people, when entering their old ages, discover that their health is no longer what it used to be. When people are sick or tired, they will often look back at the past and regret not having worked and rested properly. But when the disease changes for the better, people forget this principle.

If it were you, what kind of life would you choose?

You must know that taking care of your body and mind is not only responsible for your own life, but also for your family’s peace of mind. Therefore, in the second half of life, instead of staying up late, it is better to wake up early to enjoy life; Instead of drinking in groups, travel to expand your mind; Instead of meals full of oil and sugar, gather with your family around frugal dishes.

Go to bed early, get up early, exercise more, stay disease-free for a lifetime, this is the success of life.

2. Don’t hate or fight, nurture your heart

The hurt and resentment that one has encountered, under the influence of time, will gradually fade in middle age. Resentment for others is a way of punishing yourself for other people’s mistakes. There are many good things in life, don’t let yourself be surrounded by resentment.

People should live in the present, past resentments should not be kept forever in their hearts. When we let go of resentment, the world opens up before our eyes.

3. Be more grateful and complain less, cultivate virtue

As you grow up, you will increasingly understand that the fortune of a person’s life lies in his or her words and deeds at the present time.

Language is a sharp weapon that can hurt others. Middle-aged people need to understand that talking is a form of art. When you’ve seen a person, there’s no need to talk too much. Middle-aged people should not use the look of “looking down from above” to speak exaggerated and condescending words. When you are upset, speak slowly and slowly.

Before speaking, you need to reflect and put yourself in the other person’s situation to avoid accidentally saying something and causing irreversible hurt to others.

Having a kind and sincere heart can help others and improve yourself. Every relationship in this world has cause and effect, being kind to others is bringing blessings to yourself.
Look at the world’s troubles with optimism and treat everyone around you with the light of kindness.