Apparently, People Who Fart In Front Of Their Partner Are More Likely To Have A Lasting Relationship

Author Leah Decesare recently published Naked Parenting, a book that describes the ins and outs of parenting and maintaining lasting romantic relationships. You will never believe what she said about farting!

Animals – and all other organisms, even if they do not actually consume their energy sources – eat food to obtain nutrients that can be burned in the form of energy. Without food, the animals would die. We humans are reducing the good of food in our digestive system.

In other words, our teeth reduce food to smaller pieces, our stomachs use a strong acid to burn them out more and our intestines depend on countless bacteria to extract beneficial nutrients from consumer products. Flatulence is a byproduct of digestion, the scientific term for “farting gas”!

People simply could not dissect food without producing gas; It is an integral part of digestion and this gas has to be expelled from the body, otherwise we would explode – literally. The fart sometimes have such a strong smell because of the chemicals produced by digestion.

For decades, even centuries, even millennia, the public is considered taboo. The main reason for this cultural norm is probably because flatulence stinks!

Another reason why farting is taboo is that people feel respected when we expel gases from our bodies nearby.

But farting can be beneficial – in romantic relationships anyway!
Author Leah Decesare recently published Naked Parenting. Some pages of the subject explain how to stay comfortably in romantic relationships in lasting relationships.

Decesare remembers the first time she let herself be torn in front of her husband and her current boyfriend – she says he still remembers! He would feel closer than ever and for the first time he really felt like he wanted to marry her.

At this point, the man farted before Leah. Speak comfortable!

Leah Decesare believes that couples who are mutually agitated show truth, acceptance and honesty whenever they do. Most people do not freely fiddle with others because they do not believe they can trust the public. Fucking couples obviously trust each other enough to think that cutting cheese would not distract them – it’s reassuring.

Decesare states in his book that empathy develops when romantic relationships accelerate.

She even recounted how the famous TV journalist Mehmet Oz had told it before keeping fish fart – it was unhealthy – it could often lead to bloating, abdominal pain and cramps.

Believe it or not, the average amount of gas that passes in a day is half a liter. This is worth a whole bottle of water!

Make sure your partner sees this!