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Americans Left Baffled Over Learning They Misunderstood These British Words.

From accents to which side of the road we drive on, there are quite a few difference between the British and the Americans. While this is something we all know, turns out, there’s still so much to learn about each other. This was highlighted recently in a TikTok that was made by user human.1011.

In the video, this user asks viewers if they’ve ever seen this word written in a book: “Erm… ” If you’re an American, like me, you’ve likely read it exactly how it looks (to us, at least). Turns out, that is not at all what British writers intended. I’ll let this TikTok user explain more in the video below.

@human.1011 I really though they were saying “errrm” reading Harry Potter as a kid #language #erm #usa #uk ♬ original sound – human1011

Who knew that something as simple as “erm” could cause so much confusion? Though he was embarrassed to have just learned this information, he certainly wasn’t alone. Tons of people left comments expressing that they, too, had no idea.

But it only gets better — ever since this video, other users have been sharing their own fun facts that Americans might not know. One in particular that stands out has to do with the reason why Eeyore was given that name. If you’ve ever thought it didn’t make sense, get ready to have your mind blown by the video below.

@stagename2come #stitch with @human1011 #greenscreensticker and cats go “mew” #Language #English #WinnieThePooh #British #Accents #Dialects #BookTok #AAMilne #Disney ♬ original sound – Christopher_Lyons

Well, so many of us didn’t recognize why he was named Eeyore because not everyone says that donkeys “hee-haw.” Now that we have this new information, we can’t help but to wonder what else we still don’t know… I’m sure someone on social media will tell us eventually — or maybe it’s time we follow this rabbit hole ourselves!