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Rhino Mom is 488 days pregnant to give birth to a 123-kilogram baby at Buffalo Zoo

This calf marks only the third successful birth of a larger rhinoceros by artificial insemination

And you thought a 9 month pregnancy was difficult!

According to Buffalo Zoo, the largest rhinoceros, Tashi, recently gave birth to a calf weighing 23 kg after a 488-day pregnancy.

“The zoo’s grooming team reports that the mother and child are doing well, this birth is very special and important for the future of the species, and it is the third successful birth of a larger rhino with unicorns through artificial insemination, “wrote the zoo on Facebook, accompanied by a superb shot of the new calf that is still waiting for its name,

This is the fourth calf of Tashi and his second born by artificial insemination. A new rhinoceros mother at the Miami Zoo is the only major rhino to be born after artificial insemination, reports the Buffalo Zoo.

As you might think, rhinos have one of the longest gestation periods of any mammal after learning about Tashi’s gestation period.

Unfortunately, the big rhinoceros on the IUCN Red List is in danger. This sad reality makes the birth of Tashi’s calf even more important.

“This birth by artificial insemination is crucial to save species like the great rhinoceros,” the zoo added on Facebook.

Tashi and his calf remain behind the scenes at the Buffalo Zoo until the goalkeepers feel they are ready for their public debut.