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All Untrustworthy People Have These 7 Traits

It is said that honesty is the best policy, but what happens when you’re dealing with someone who is untrustworthy? From a lack of integrity to breaking rules, there are a few habits that untrustworthy people have in common. Read on to identify some indicators and common traits untrustworthy people share in common.

1. They constantly change friends and groups.

If one person never seems to have at least one or two close friends or changes group in less than a year quite often, this should raise a red flag. This can indicate that this person can’t maintain the trust of people throughout different groups.

2. They turn tables and always blame everyone around them.

Untrustworthy people never hold themselves accountable for any mistake, instead they will try to turn the table, deny their involvement in any problem and make it sound like it was your own fault, or frame someone else to take the blame away from them.

3. They don’t trust others.

It makes perfect sense why untrustworthy people struggle to trust others. A person who has no problem breaking their word, lying, and turning their back on those who need them cannot imagine that other people can be honest. They expect everyone around them exhibit and mirror the same behavior.

4. They demonstrate a fake air of idealism.

They do not practice what they preach and judge others for things they personally do. Untrustworthy people tend to make you feel bad about yourself when for once you do something against your beliefs.

5. They pit people against each other.

They don’t feel bad about spilling a secret or sharing a spicy gossip, even if they are aware that this little piece of information can cause a fall out between people who or on good terms together. As long as it serves their interest, then that is all that matters.

6. They know too much and share too little.

An untrustworthy person is always curious to know everything about you and share too little or nothing about themselves. They are information collector. Since they have no qualms sharing personal information about you without your consent, they expect you wouldn’t mind doing the same too.

7. They never get their stories straight.

Their story is never complete and they will tell it differently every time. There will either be a piece of information missing, the timeline does not make sense, or things just don’t add up.

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