Alaskan Man Wakes Up To Find Lynx Family Playing On His Porch [Photos]

Tim Newton knew that something unusual had happened when he woke up one morning on his porch for a ruckus. At first he thought he was an intruder, but when he glanced out the window, he had never suspected anything: a lynx family.

In his interview for The Dodo, he says:

“It was just before sunrise, I heard sounds, it was like something was coming up on the bridge When I got out of bed, I thought,” What is it? is that? “Then I put on my bathrobe and slowly pulled the curtain, and right there, two meters away, was a lynx kitten, and he sat down and saw his brothers and sisters running.”

However, they were not the only lynxes when he noticed three others. He caught the camera.

“They ran back and forth, knocking me down, I started breaking, I thought,” Wow! What an incredible luck. It just beats everything. It’s just wonderful! “

His pictures became viral immediately. Newton says:

“They were so cute, it was sweet and tasty, it was wonderful.”

He was lucky to take dozens of photos because they stayed on his porch long enough to enjoy their time.

“They started playing again, and for the next 40 minutes they all played on my deck, and they continued rolling and fighting.”

Looking at family time, Newton concluded that his mother had gained a lot of respect.

He said:

“She has her hands full and I have come to the conclusion that the lynx has to devote 1% of its life to rabbit hunting and 99% to the persecution of their children.

He took some incredible pictures of the adorable lynx and, while not everyone even noticed, one of them approached the screen to investigate:

“I do not know why I did that – maybe to say,” Oh, what a cute little kitty! “- but I spread the camera a bit and my eyes showed – the expression of the horror on the face of this kitten – his eyes were wide open and he just flew away, but the others did not have not understood. “

After that, her mother gathered her boys and took her back to the forest.

But this encounter impressed Newton when he thought he was experiencing a miracle that reminded him of the beauty and power of nature around us.

He said:

“We are always excited when we meet the wildlife, I feel grateful – grateful for where I live, and I am grateful to have seen this lynx up close.”


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