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Airline Rejects Letting Dad & Newborn On Flight, So Widow Says She’s ‘Going To Take’ Him ‘Home With’ Her

Airline Rejects Letting Dad & Newborn On Flight, So Widow Says She’s ‘Going To Take’ Him ‘Home With’ Her

Every parent knows how hard it is to travel with their kids. Newborns are no exception.

Back in 2018, Rubin Swift, one young father from Ohio, found himself in dire straits when he was suddenly stranded at the airport with a newborn in tow.

The airline had refused to let him and his baby board. Thankfully, Joy Ringhofer, a kind-hearted good samaritan, was there to save the day.

According to ABC News, Rubin Swift was recently granted custody of his newborn daughter, so he flew from Ohio to Arizona to pick her up. He was beyond ecstatic that his child would soon be living with him.

When he arranged for the flight, he communicated with the airline, ensuring he had the proper paperwork needed to bring the child back. Despite his efforts, the airline wouldn’t let him and his child back on the airplane.

Additionally, the airline also told him that a child has to be at least seven days old in order to fly on their planes. Absolutely no exceptions could be made, even if he produced a doctor’s notice. This left Swift and his very newborn daughter stranded in Arizona with no money, car, or place to stay.

The airline’s refusal is not without reason. There are many difficulties babies face during air travel. Many doctors advise against taking very young children, especially babies of just a few days of age, on airplanes. There are numerous reasons for this.

Swift says he had a note from the hospital saying the baby was clear to fly, but the airline would not allow it. He left the airport with no place to stay for the next three days.

That’s where Joy Ringhofer comes in.

Ringhofer volunteers at Banner University Medical Center, where Ru-Andria was born. She met Swift when he came to pick up his new daughter.

“I was rocking her when her father came in and we sort of made a connection right away,” Ringhofer told CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO.

When Swift left the airport he decided to call Ringhofer for help. Her answer surprised him.

“I didn’t expect her to say, ‘I’m coming to get you and take you home.’ So, I’m thinking, ‘She is going to drive me back to Cleveland?’ But she actually brought me to her house and [is] feeding me and making sure my baby is alright,” Swift said.

Swift stayed with Ringhofer for the next three days, until Ru-Andria was able to fly.

Swift was able to fly back to Cleveland with Ru-Andria on Tuesday, but he promised to come back to Phoenix and visit the stranger who had become like family.