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A Woman Feels Safest When Her Man Does The Following Things

A Woman Feels Safest When Her Man Does The Following Things
1. Respect her opinion and her choices

Women don’t feel safe because men are not trained to show up and genuinely respect their opinions. But when her opinions are respected by her man, it gives her a sense of safety around him. She sees him as different and not like the stereotypes.

2. Address her respectfully

It is believed by many men that they are superior and do not need to address the ‘inferior’ creatures; women, with respect. Women feel safe when she’s around men who know how to address them and women alike with respect.

You speak to a woman respectfully, which makes her feel safe. Some men have the habit of speaking with a woman in a rude manner, and addressing her with a sense of entitlement and pride. There are some men that don’t know the right way to use words. They throw caution to the wind when it comes to addressing them.

3. Committed to growth

Any man who is not given to growth or has a fixed mindset should be feared. First, he is a proud man, and secondly, he will do stupid things to you with so much pride in his heart and still think that he is on track. More often than not, a man is often identified as an opinionated person.

A man that is given to growth is thoughtful because he is given to things that will make him better. A man that is truly given to growth will not exhibit traits of illiteracy. He’ll know better to treat people with respect and see women in a more sensible light.

4. Being accountable to someone

This gives them the sense of being around someone who is not without guidance. A man who is not accountable to anyone or submissive to guidance is likely to give off the vibe that nothing can be done to him.

5. Pay attention to details

A woman knows for sure that she can bank on you because you are attentive to things that pertain to her. She knows that you will put in the work to understand her. She knows that you will show up because you are attentive. She knows that she’ll be respected and not treated as weak. Why? Because you listen to her and you are attentive.