A Strong Woman Doesn’t Seek Revenge

A strong woman does not seek revenge

The strongest women are women who are afraid
She has long struggled with fear and continues to do so with strength.

She is not a victim of her mental struggles because she knows in her soul that she is more than the demons that live in her head.

She learned to hold her head in the midst of chaos, so the word weakness is not part of her important vocabulary.

She is a strong woman because she has managed to survive on the battlefield called life. Dealing with a mental illness requires incredible courage to survive.

She manages to spend the day, but she is tired of all the coping mechanisms and has found her own way to calm her anxious mind. She always proceeds with determination.

She knows it’s important to never give up. She has so much to give and can not let her condition condition the outcome of her life.

She has goals. She has dreams Like everyone else, she just wanted to be herself.

Often her fear plays a trick on her, but she usually manages to tap into her inner goddess, defend herself, and recover quickly.

Fighting with fear can deprive you of life, but that does not mean she will ever surrender.

Some days, she wants to drown in the water of her fear, but her heart knows that it is only temporary.

She surfs as well as she can on the waves until her anxiety and stress slowly gnaw at her.

She is the strongest woman because, when her thoughts go black, she clings to hope, takes a deep breath and waits for the light to return and bring her home.

She is extremely strong, brave and ingenious.

Although she feels that she can not cope with what her fear is throwing at her, her heart sings a song to remind her of how important it is to the world and to all who love her.

She has never tried to find the easy way out, she gets up every day and continues to fight because she is her own heroine. She refuses to give strength to her mental illness.

She can take breaks sometimes, but she knows she is more than her condition and she does not let fear determine who she is.

It takes a lot of stamina and inner strength to navigate this world when fear always strikes your door.

She will never give up because she knows that her courage will always overcome her fear.

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