Filmmakers “Stood There Crying” As They Helplessly Captured A Polar Bear Starving

Filmmakers “stood there crying” as they helplessly held hungry polar bears

When we hear or read information about the catastrophic effects of climate change on our environment and wildlife, it seems distant and abstract, but it quickly becomes real when we see what animals like polar bears do.

There is no evidence that polar bears are dying of hunger because of climate change, but there is plenty of evidence that warming is causing sea ice to melt and is their main hunting ground .

According to a 2015 study, southern Beaufort Lake has lost 40% of its polar bear population due to loss of sea ice. Another study conducted in 2017 by the US Geological Survey and the University of South Wyoming revealed that bears also consumed more energy. via a “treadmill” drift ice caused by warming, and therefore needs more food to compensate.

A biologist, Paul Nicklen grew up in Canada’s far north and eventually became a wildlife photographer. He is no stranger to bears and has seen more than 3,000 bears in the wild.

However, when he arrived with members of the Sea Legacy nature conservation group on Somerset Island, near the largest Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, he experienced one of the most exciting scenes of his life. .

They saw a hungry polar bear on his deathbed and stood there crying, tears streaming down their cheeks as they filmed it. The bear’s white hair gently covered his lean, bony body and pulled on one of the hind legs as he walked, probably as a result of muscle atrophy.

The polar bear searched for food and slowly searched a nearby garbage bin, which was used seasonally by Inuit fishermen. When he found nothing, he broke resigned to the ground.

Although it is painful to watch the video, Nicklen decided to share it to show others what it looks like when scientists say that bears will die and starve.