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A nuptial nightmare! Unlucky Bride passes out, vomits and gets pooped on during disaster wedding

An unlucky bride has opened up about her disastrous nuptials, revealing she fainted onto her groom during the ceremony, before being pooped on by her baby nephew while she was vomiting.

This bride went from blushing to barfing in a matter of seconds.

Hollee Lynnea-Kolenda Darnell, 22, who is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, recently tied the knot with her husband, Jackson, during an outdoor ceremony in Florida.

Hollee Lynnea-Kolenda Darnell unintentionally put her Aussie groom’s “in sickness and in health” loyalty to the test when she passed out, puked and got pooped on during their wedding ceremony.

“I kept trying to tell my husband I didn’t feel good and he thought I was joking,” Darnell, 23, captioned a trending TikTok of her mid-marriage medical mishap.

In the chaotic clip — which has caught the eye-popping attention of over 3.7 million viewers — a visibly wobbly Darnell is seen gripping her groom Jackson’s hands, signaling to him that she’d suddenly fallen ill just as their pastor began officiating their holy matrimony under an outdoor gazebo in Florida.

“Are you OK?,” Jackson asked after he and the pastor caught Darnell’s fall and began fanning her face. She shook her head “no,” then stumbled over to the railing of the gazebo, where she began heaving.

And although the camera ultimately panned away from the barfing bride, notes of what sounds like her puking can be heard while wedding guests and the officiant awkwardly talk among themselves, blaming the humidity for Darnell’s sudden sickness.

But in a subsequent video to her tying-the-knot catastrophe clip, she explained: “I was super dehydrated, and I hadn’t drank or ate anything all day.”

Darnell went on to reveal that she’s prone to passing out and had previously been diagnosed with low blood pressure and low iron, thus rendering her “doomed from the start,” she joked.

And unfortunately for Darnell, that wasn’t the only incident involving a bodily fluid on her wedding day.

“After I passed out … My sister had a fan on my baby nephew, so she came over to me to put that fan on me, and as she was holding my nephew he starts pooping,” she said. “And the poop goes down her arm

Darnell, who had planned to hop a plane to honeymoon in New York City with Jackson right after their ceremony, was miraculously able to get her dress dry cleaned in time for her flight to the Big Apple — where she and her husband snapped wedding pictures on the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Now I have a story to tell at my nephew’s wedding someday,” the notoriously nauseous newlywed said, smiling.

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