A Man Who Truly Wants To Be With You Will Never Stop Pursuing You – It’s That Simple

Regardless of what many of you think and the number of excuses you can find for a man who does not make enough effort to persecute you, the main reason a man is not strong enough is if just not in you. Period.

It’s not that he’s shy. It is not that he is intimidated by your independence and your strength. He does not love you enough.

And it depends on the simple fact that men love hunting. They like the pursuit. They like to be the initiators of the relationship. Men have been persecutors for centuries and collectors of women. Everything is in his blood.

When a man realizes that he cares about a woman and wants to be with him, he follows her. He will follow her. If you love someone and he knows it, but he does not mind, he’s not really interested in you.

Ladies listen to me. A man can give you a million excuses for which he can not be with you. He can tell you that he is overwhelmed by work, family problems blah blah blah. All these excuses matter little if he meets a woman he really loves.

If it looks like someone does not care about you, the hard truth is that it does not. Men are very easy when it comes to expressing their feelings. Generally, there are no hidden messages that you can decrypt. If you want something, go for it. You do not think. And surely they do not apologize for that.

Be the strong woman you are and stay away from men who ask where you stand with them. Leave men who do not want to truly commit to you. Do not follow a man who is not interested in you. Let him go. You are better than that.

Because a real man who really cares about you, he will follow you every day. He will always look for ways to surprise you and tell you how much he loves you and how much he wants to be with you.

He will never risk losing you. He will always answer the phone. He will inspire you. He will compliment you. He will take your hand and kiss you wherever he can. He will not play with your feelings. You will always know where you are with him. You will never be anxious and confused. You will never have doubts or doubts about his feelings for you.

They will be a priority for him.

Ladies, never let a man take you for granted. Wait for someone who knows what he has, if he has you.