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A Job Is A Job, Whether You’re A Doctor Or Are Cleaner

The ability and hobby of each person determine what they have been doing. Whether you are a doctor or a cleaning worker, your work has its own value and meaning.

There is no job that is nobler than another, and there is no job that is inferior to another. The division of labor in society helps people live a better and more complete life. So every employee contributes to that common goal.

Furthermore, on a personal level, we all work for the sake of sustaining yourself and your family. Then if you are working in a better environment and have a higher income, it will benefit you first and it has nothing to do with the life of the others.

On the contrary, if you are doing a hard job, be proud that you are putting in a lot of effort for your life.

So as long as the work is not against the law, all jobs are worth the same. And every worker has their own dignity. They are all working for their lives and contributing to the building of human society.