A 12-year-old boy raised $15,000 at a county fair’s pig auction. Then he gave it to St. Jude.

(CNN) In fact, a pig: a pig auctioned Ohio cattle earned $ 15,000, but the loan is owned by its 12-year-old owner.

Diesel Pippert, a Grade 7 student from Huron County, Ohio, donates every penny from his auction to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Diesel’s generous decision was based on a small friendly competition. He had heard of a teenager from nearby Medina County who had sold his pig at auction for $ 11,000 and donated it to the Memphis Children’s Charity Hospital. So he decided to pronounce it, said his mother Erin Sanders to CNN.
He spoke to the crowd about his plans on Saturday at the Huron County Fair. The auctioneers started bidding for Diesel’s Pig at $ 500 and quickly progressed. When the last bidder dropped his paddle, the boy had raised $ 15,000, Sanders said.
Diesel is a regular at the show, said his mother.
Since the age of nine, he has auctioned pigs, cows and dairy cows. She now hopes that he will continue to donate and return his income to St. Jude each year.
“Our hearts are full of joy,” she said. “He is a remarkable young man.”
The family has planned a visit to the Memphis hospital, Sanders said, to hand over the toys and games to the pediatric patient.
Rodge Wilson, director of the Western Reserve School, said he was not surprised to learn the good action of Diesel. In a Facebook post, the school district described the 12-year-old as a “hero”.
“We are very proud that he is a young man in the making,” he said.
Cynthia Gardner, Executive Director of ALSAC (American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities), St. Jude’s donation and education organization, praised Diesel.
“Her kindness shows that age does not prevent children from raising money and improving the lives of other children with cancer,” she said in a statement to CNN.


Source: https://edition.cnn.com