91 Year Old Terminally Ill Hospital Patient Knits Over 9000 Winter Hats For The Homeless

91-year-old patient in an incurably ill hospital makes more than 9,000 winter hats for the homeless

“Why am I doing this?” I feel just right, “said Morrie Boogart to the question of why he spent his days knitting hats for the homeless. Morrie is an incurably ill patient at Cambridge Manor Hospital in Michigan. Instead of focusing on the end of his life, he focuses on relieving the suffering of the homeless.

As Morrie makes his winter hats, he adds a border around the ground to keep the ears of the homeless warm. They are then transported to emergency shelters in the Grand Rapids area of ​​Michigan. His care facility is currently accepting donations of threads so he can continue his job.

“It’s the best thing that happened to me because I’m staying in my room,” he says. “I’m doing it terribly slowly.”

Morrie makes one or two hats every day and makes brief coffee breaks in between.

Sometimes, after suffering, we become aware of the suffering of others and the great pain and struggles we face every day. Homeless people struggle to stay warm and survive Michigan’s extremely cold winters, but Morrie’s compassionate heart has helped thousands of people stay a little warmer.

Since her story has been divided, people around the world have started donating Morrie Garn for her winter hats.

“The intention was to give him something to do from the start,” said Karen Lauters, Morrie’s daughter. “I’m amazed at how much it touches and inspires people’s lives.”

“I discovered that the thread and cards that were sent to my father gave him a clearer mind and gave him a greater reason to be.”

Whatever our circumstances in life, the love in our hearts will help us rise above them.

Compassion is beautiful.