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9 things you will feel so deeply when your man stopped loving you

There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you realize that your boyfriend or husband doesn’t love you anymore. Somewhere down the line, his feelings have changed and now you’re left wondering if you should wait for him to confess or move on with your life.

Fortunately, some signs below will help you realize whether there’s any hope left, or whether he truly doesn’t love you anymore. Let’s jump straight into them

1. He doesn’t help you when you’re suffering

This is part of the emotional bond of a relationship. And if he doesn’t show interest in comforting or helping you when you are in a bad place, he is breaking off one of the most important ways to emotionally connect – and this is a sign that he could be thinking of cutting ties altogether.

2. Criticizing your appearance

A man who constantly criticizes how you look or who tells you that you need plastic surgery does not care about hurting your feelings. He just wants to emphasize your flaws and make you feel bad about it. This is never a sign of love.

3. He gets Irritated And Reacts In Every Situation

Love can make you feel weak in your knees but if that feeling fades away then he will start showing his true colors like he will get irritated in every situation and always find an issue in the small situation.

4. He Never Listens To You

When he is in love with you he will listen to every story you tell but when that love fades away then that person will never listen to your any questions or any word you say.

5. He doesn’t care about your feelings

It’s hard to hurt someone when you love them. You’re always aware of how they’re feeling and it causes you pain to even think about hurting them.

But when the love is lost, caring about your feelings isn’t at the top of his list anymore.

A major sign he doesn’t love you anymore is when he stops bothering to check in on your feelings, and instead, he dismisses them and prefers to ignore you.

6. He’s become secretive

For instance; excusing himself to pick a call, not allowing you have access to his phone as usual, tilting his phone so that you won’t be able to see his messages when you sit beside him, going out without letting you know of his whereabouts and whenever you ask him about it, he “puts you in your place”.

A guy who loves you would tell you most things and would not want to hide anything from you but if that is not the case and he doesn’t love you anymore, he would feel like he has no duty or obligation to let you know and you have no right to question him.

To him, his feelings for you and the time you guys spent together are in the past now. This is definitely a bad sign and you should as well take it seriously.

7. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with you in public

When your man does not want you to be seen with him in public, or doesn’t introduce you as his woman to his friends but just wants to keep it between you two in private, it could be a sign that he doesn’t love you enough and is trying to opt out of the relationship.

Whatever a man cherishes, he boasts about it. He should do the same for you. He should be able to stand with you – as your man – in public and introduce you as his woman whenever the need arises; and not you, hiding away like a side chick.

8. He begins to compare you with other women

With any little flaw you make, he uses that as an opportunity to bring up other women, especially his ex. No man who loves his girlfriend or wife would compare them with any other; instead he would learn to accept her flaws, while helping to make her a better person.

9. Flirting

Flirting is actually good for the relationship, not just at the beginning if it, because it can help break up the everyday monotony and routine. And it can even improve your intimacy. Flirting with your partner is important if you want to keep up the spark alive.