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9 Things Ladies Do That Have Very Profound Effects on Men

It can be tough to breakdown the mystery of a man’s heart because they’re very good at hiding emotions. Men tend to put up heavy shields so as to safeguard their hearts from any potential pain or heartbreak. Whether it’s love, joy or grief, you will hardly come to know and discover the feelings and emotions inside a man’s heart while it’s early in a relationship. Once the right girl comes along the walls which men put up will begin to come down, and sometimes rather quickly. Even though most men see this as a sign of weakness, they’re okay with it as long as the woman he loves is part of his life. There are many ways to make your man weak in the knees and simple I love you won’t always be enough. Gestures speak louder than words! Here are 6 things girls do which have profound effects on men.

1. Really Listen To Him

Women know better than anyone that listening isn’t just a passive activity. It’s an action and it requires effort. Sometimes, a man has something important going on in his life, is working towards a goal, or is just stressed out about work. When you sit down, keep his eye contact and become genuinely engaged in a conversation about something important to him. It will let him know you care (even if he already knows) and can also improve the communication within your relationship.

2. You express your gratitude for the things he does for you

Sometimes a simple thank you can have a more profound effect on him than an I love you can. An expression of gratitude shows that you appreciate his presence in your life. It gives him a self of purpose and meaning in your relationship. Also, it helps relieve him of any fears of worthlessness whenever he’s with you. Give him a gold star every now and then to show him appreciation for his good work.

3. Tell Him You Appreciate Him

Some people are more affectionate than others and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just remember, if a man puts a lot of effort into your relationship (as he should), he will never complain about hearing how much you appreciate him. While he should be able to read your feelings from your actions, some guys need a more direct approach. Trust me, it will make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

4. Brag About Him On Social Media

Some girls go overboard with this. Like, way overboard! But if your man does something nice for you, it never hurts to talk about it or snap a photo of the impromptu dinner he arranged when you got home from work. This can have profound effects on men because it shows them that you appreciate them, and are willing to share your appreciation and love for them with the rest of the world.

5. You encourage him to take time for himself

If you encourage him to be alone with his thoughts or his hobbies every once in a while, then that means you’re confident enough to trust him to make the most of his time. This tells him that you also value his personal needs for solitude and space.

6. Every now and again, you ask for his support and guidance.

Relationships are just as analytical as they are physical. When you ask him for his opinion, he assures him that you trust his insight and his intellectual understanding of problems. It reveals that you enjoy having an additional mind to help lead you through life. And if you don’t necessarily need his counsel, flatter him and ask him for his input every so often.

7. You are preparing his favorite meal for him.

A strong man is always going to want to take care of his girl. He’s going to continue to cradle her in his arms and pamper her for the remainder of his life. However, a guy still likes to feel pampered every once and a while. Show your thanks every so often by cooking his favorite steak as he comes home from college. Maybe he’ll make some waffles with bacon and eggs to wake up in the morning. These little acts make him smile and convince him of your affection for him.

8. You wear that dress that he loves on you

Whether he compliments you on the specific clothes you wear on a few days, take a mental note of that. The next time you happen to wear a dress that you like, think, Hey, I’m wearing the dress that you like. It means that you are paying attention to him and that you really want to look nice in his eyes. It makes him feel amazing because you are always making an attempt to make him fall in love with you by dressing up for him.

9. Lay Your Head On His Chest

When laying on the couch watching TV or laying in bed after a long day, it’s one of the best feelings in the world when a woman lays her head on a man’s chest and puts her arm over him. Men enjoy feeling as though they are being protective, and laying your head on his chest signifies that you feel safe within his arms.

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