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9 Signs You’re αddíctєd to Your Partner, Not in Love!

9 Signs You’re αddíctєd to Your Partner, Not in Love!

These are some things you May feel if you are αddíctєd to someone.

You might feel nervous/jittery/anxious/ these are not good for you. Real, true love promotes feelings of calmness/safety/security.

Perhaps your heart races upon thinking of your love/lover? Take a step back and ask yourself if the feeling is pleasurable (good) or laced with doubt. Are you constantly asking yourself “why me?” If so, you might be αddíctєd.

1. You have started to lose yourself because you are dependent on your relationship

It’s normal to want to spend time with your partner. But spending too much time with him is not good.

You will get into the process of trying to please him all the time, you will spend time only with him, you will agree with him on everything and thus you will lose your own personal identity.

If you can’t imagine yourself without your partner and the idea of ​​separation scares you, then you are probably too dependent on your relationship.

2. You are anxious that your partner doesn’t love you

You live in tremendous fear that your partner doesn’t love you as much as you love him; you are afraid he will leave.

You believe he will find someone better than you and that all your insecurities he put up with for a long time will be the breaking point.

You think that your partner doesn’t show you his love because he is not sure about it and you blame yourself for that.

And, in all that mess, you forget to think about yourself and your needs and you end up disappointed every time.

3. You sleep with him just to keep him close

Every time he wants to sleep with you, you show him that you are available and ready for action when, in most cases, you don’t feel like sleeping with him.

And, I must say, this is totally wrong because you won’t make him stay just because you have ʂҽx with him.

He will stay because he loves you and because he can’t live without you.

So, if you want to have a happy love life, you take care of yourself more and don’t do things that you don’t want just to please your man.

4. You are overly jealous because you are dependent on your relationship

In a relationship it is reasonable to have jealousy at a healthy level . Jealousy can somehow remind you that something is important to you.

Feelings of jealousy can be used as a reason to rekindle your relationship and not to go crazy and constantly control your partner.

5. You just never feel your best self in your relationship.

A relationship is supposed to make you feel better, to make you grow as a person, and to evolve. However, if you find yourself being anxious, feeling depressed, or having a nervous feeling in your stomach all the time, it’s really not good enough for you.

It’s odd, as you are usually so funny/ warm/ kind/ laid back, but in this relationship, it’s like you are someone else. You are uptight, sour, criticizing, you can’t relax – and you don’t know why. In fact, sometimes you might not feel like yourself at all. And if you do try to be yourself, you are criticized or teased. So you find yourself instead of working to be someone or something else.

6. You are addicted to your relationship because you follow his social media

Instead of trying to develop the trust with your partner that is so important for a happy relationship, you use how dependent you are on him as an excuse to monitor his social media.

And in order to solve your own worries, you anger and manipulate your partner into giving you the passwords to all of his online accounts.

7. You make hasty moves

Being dependent on your relationship is a sign of low self-esteem. When you are insecure, you quickly become attached to your partner. This often leads to rash moves such as moving in with your partner from the first weeks of the relationship.

If things are moving faster than normal in your relationship, it could be a sign that you are overly dependent on your partner.

8. You have a need for constant confirmation because you are dependent on your relationship

You need constant reassurance from him as you have many insecurities, but this can become tiring and damaging to your relationship. However, no matter how many times your partner reassures you about his love for you, his attraction to you, or whether he is faithful in your relationship, you never believe him .

9. Feeling depressed when you’re not together

Getting deeply depressed or stressed at the thought of being away from your partner for a long time is not healthy.

This is definitely a sign that you are very dependent on your relationship. You have to work on yourself and focus on your personal needs.