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9 Signs That She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

9 Signs That She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

The two of you were blissfully happy and madly in love. Now, it seems like you’re doing all the work to sustain your relationship – and she just doesn’t seem to care anymore.

People fall in and out of love with each other throughout the course of relationships because there are so many variables and conditions that affect romantic connections.

Love alone isn’t enough to sustain a relationship.

A girl isn’t going to break up with you out of the blue. She isn’t going to make that kind of decision so whimsically. After all, breakups are painful, and they’re hard. There isn’t one single thing that you do that would make her fall out of love with you. Naturally, it’s going to be an accumulation of factors that would lead her to make this decision.

If you are curious about whether your girl still loves you or not, there are a few signs that you can keep an eye out for. If you notice that she is exhibiting a lot of these signs, then it might be time for you to be worried.

1. Communication Just Isn’t Happening

If she seems to be tuning you out when you try to express your feelings and concerns, she may no longer be in love with you.
Perhaps your partner has stopped talking to you – about anything.

Does she seem shut down and utterly uninterested in talking to you?

She might respond to your questions but offer nothing more.

Communication is the basis for all relationships, and when communication dries up, you can be sure there is a problem.

2. She Is Not Grateful Anymore

Whenever you used to buy her flowers and gifts, she was extremely excited and happy. But, now, she doesn’t even care if you invite her for a date. Whenever you came home from work, she always greeted you with a smile.

But, this smile is long gone now. Now, she doesn’t even recognize you.

3. She’s Avoiding You

If a woman is in love with you, she will want to spend time with you. She’ll initiate conversations, want to make plans, ask you to hang out, and show interest in what you’re doing.

She doesn’t have to be in contact 24/7, but she’ll prioritize your company over doing other things most of the time – and that’s how it should be!

If she constantly comes up with excuses not to spend time with you, there’s a good chance she doesn’t love you anymore. And an excellent chance she’s prioritizing someone else over you.

You might think if she texts you constantly, she’s showing she’s interested. She might enjoy talking to you, but that doesn’t mean she’s all that into you.

If she avoids meeting up and engaging with you on an intimate level, then you’re just one of her buddies.

4. She nags all of the time now.

Instead of saying beautiful and sweet things, she nags all of the time. Instead of trying to spread positivity, it’s all just negative energy that emanates from her. Undoubtedly, this is because she’s fed up and she’s tired of being in this relationship.

5. She puts more time into her hobbies than your relationship.

Naturally, it’s perfectly okay for people to have lives outside of their relationships. However, with her case, it’s almost as if the relationship doesn’t exist. She’s just devoting most of her time to her hobbies and her career. It’s a sign that her priorities have shifted at this point.

6. She Doesn’t Make You Feel Special

She used to do romantic and sweet things for you to express the love she felt. But, things have changed. She doesn’t bother doing anything for you that could make you feel special. Obviously, she is not happy with the way things are now.

In fact, she probably doesn’t love you anymore.

7. She Just Doesn’t Care

If you’ve had bad breakups and rocky relationships in the past, you know what a toxic connection feels like – constant arguing, cruel insults, and (maybe) passionate makeup sex.

You might have felt betrayed, inadequate, and disappointed. This is not a fun experience! Unfortunately, couples do this when they haven’t dealt with their baggage or healed emotional wounds.

If she no longer cares, she probably:

has checked out emotionally (and in most other ways)
ignores most of what you say
no longer compliments you
makes lots of excuses
just generally avoids you
seems irritable and annoyed most of the time
avoids eye contact
is uninterested in sex
gives you one-word answers
offers quick pecks on the cheek
is icy and indifferent
Maybe your partner is behaving this way because she is depressed or has a problem completely unrelated to you. So, this situation might not be your fault, but denying or ignoring her behavior won’t change things.

8. She Doesn’t Give You Compliments

In the past, she always used to tell you how handsome you are. But, in time, these compliments started to fade. Now, she isn’t even attracted to you. This is a clear sign that she has fallen out of love.

9. She Doesn’t Care How You Feel

Once you become irrelevant to her, she will start acting on her own. Plus, she won’t care how you feel and will end up hurting you. The reason why she does this is because she doesn’t love you anymore.
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