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9 Signs He’ll Be Great in Bed

9 Signs He’ll Be Great in Bed

1. He pays attention

He will be observant of his surroundings and, most importantly, of you. He will ask you questions about yourself and will be genuinely interested in your answers. He will notice physical aspects of you and shower you with compliments. If he is an attentive guy, you can make a good bet on him.

2. He shows great body language

Guys who know what to do with his body (and yours) in bed will also know what body language to use outside the bedroom. Look for good eye contact, good posture, eyebrow flashes, touching his hair, and body positioned toward you to hold your attention and show that you are holding his. If a man’s body language is attractive to you, you’ll probably also like what that body can do behind closed doors.

3. He makes you feel incredibly gorgeous.

I’m of the mindset that you should never be with anyone who doesn’t, because once I finally started dating people who made me feel like I was the most spectacularly hot human they had ever met, I knew I could never accept anything less. So take that from me and start doing that now.

4. He is a super ambitious person.

People who were incredibly lazy and, not being more shocking, were pretty much the same way in bed. There are exceptions to this, of course, but in general, if he’s a hard worker in life, he’s not going to slack off when you guys finally make love.

5. He’s a great dancer.

Again, guys who know what to do with their bodies in bed will know what to do with their bodies in any scenario. This definitely translates to the dance floor, as strange as that sounds. Dancing together can also give you clues as to how your bodies dance with each other in general and may tell you how sexy he can get-not to mention, if you’re dancing close enough, you may just get an idea of what he’s rocking down there).

6. He makes serious, intense eye contact with you.

When I look back at the people I’ve dated and think about what it was really like to look into their eyes – if they had trouble with eye contact, if they seemed a little nervous and scattered – it was really indicative of what sex with them was like. If you look at a guy and even your eye contact with him is seriously intense in a way that makes you the best kind of nervous, yes, it’s going to be exceptional sex. It simply is.

7. He’s not judgmental in general.

If he’s not judgmental about your love of seeing your bridesmaids every Friday night like it’s the first time you’ve seen him, he probably won’t be judgmental about any of your flaws either.

8. You feel genuinely comfortable around him.

This one is key, because you need someone who makes you feel comfortable and who genuinely cares about who you are. If you feel comfortable around him, rest assured that he will also make you feel comfortable while you are doing the deed. The worst is a man who oversteps boundaries, but this kind of man will make sure you don’t.

9. He is confident in general.

If he carries himself confidently but with a bit of humility-in the way he walks, talks, and holds himself-but doesn’t overdo the arrogance, he’s probably pretty good in the sack.

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