8 Signs You’re A Survivor And Your Soul Has Grown Stronger Through All The Heartbreaks

You’ve been through a mill of harsh experiences in life. You know your limitations, passions, and purpose of life; and letting others question it is not something you do.

Most people go through life without realizing their true strength or ability. However, they have deciphered the code where true happiness comes from learning from your experience. Gautam Buddha once said, “No one saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one can, we must follow our own path.” You have learned to earn the merit you deserve and you have allowed yourself to accept more of your mistakes and failures. Happiness comes from freedom and you finally have the freedom to feel what you really feel.

1. You turn your weakness into strength

You do not let your weakness define who you are as a person. You are aware of what you can or can not do, but you do not allow people to take control of your weakness and use it against you. They are strong if you can learn from your mistakes and do your best. If people believe that they can use their weaknesses against you, they are seriously wrong, since they have already accepted what they can not do.

2. You are faithful to yourself and to your needs
They know that it is important to help people and to be there for them. But you do not ignore your priorities to devote to it. Experience has shown that time and the tide do not wait for anyone when it comes to being human, and you have used it as a motto for the power of life. You do not live by the norms or rules of other people because you have defined them and you have learned to respect them. You want to lead an authentic life by staying true to yourself and your needs. You know your limits, your passions and the meaning of your life. Questioning other people is not something you would do.

3. You are not afraid of being vulnerable

Being vulnerable is not a weakness and you know it too well because you have learned some of the greatest lessons in life. Thanks to your ability to express emotions, you have understood what is important and what is not. Their vulnerability speaks volumes about your honesty when you let people into your life. It can often be difficult to be vulnerable knowing that you can be hurt or mocked by how you feel, but that did not stop you from being your true self to people.

4. Painful experiences made you stronger

Everyone experiences pain in his life again and again, during which he decides to take it more. You have realized that every difficult situation in your life has made you a better person. Whether you are in a painful relationship or people are treating you badly, you have learned to go forward and not have a grudge. Sometimes pain is the training you need to deal with difficult circumstances and you have learned to accept it. When you suffer, you are motivated not to engage in negativity and do things you have never done before.

5. Patience is your greatest virtue

Her patience has not waned over time, even though she has been hurt by people and situations. They have always managed to dispel someone’s doubts before judging him for his mistakes. Your patience has shown you that all the best things in life go to those who are waiting. All the experiences were not perfect, but you learned how to give the necessary time to improve the situation. You can be patient with yourself as well as with people who have broken your trust.

6. They are not worried about people’s opinion

You live by your own rules and do not let people influence your life or your decisions. You want to be loved by people, but do not ask for their approval or advice if it has a negative impact on your life. You are open and receptive to people’s opinions, but you decide whether it affects your life or not. You have a clear idea of ​​who you are as a person, but you do not let others disappoint you with your dreams and ambitions. The world is your oyster, where you choose what to do with it.

7. They do not play poisons

They have low tolerance to toxins and do not try to maintain their behavior. Toxic people do their best to kill people and they should feel they are not worth it. They understood that true happiness depends on the control of negative people. You surround yourself with people who value you and encourage you to create the best version of yourself.

8. You are not afraid to follow your heart

There may have been a moment in your life when you were afraid of taking risks or choosing things you want, but you realized that you missed me. The opportunities come and go, only you can decide what is right for you. You will never know if it’s good until you run the risk of following our heart. You have learned to put your doubts and questions aside to pursue your dreams. You are a person who wants to realize your dreams and make you take risks that have changed your life.