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8 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Contacting You In Your Dreams

8 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Contacting You In Your Dreams

If you dream of a deceased loved one, here are seven signs that he is trying to make contact with you.

8 signs that a deceased loved one is contacting you in your dreams

1. You wake up feeling like you are being watched

Whether you are awake or asleep, if you feel a warm feeling with someone watching you, it is likely that your loved one is letting you know that they are with you.

2. Vivid memories of your loved one appear in your dreams

This is especially true if your loved one helps you remember something you don’t normally think about, such as a forgotten memory of him or her. There may be a message in the memory that they also want you to pay attention to.

3. Your loved one appears in a different way than usual

If your deceased loved one appears to you In your dreams, but does so in an unusual way, it may be a sign that he or she is sending you a warning. Pay attention to the clues your loved one is trying to give you. He or she may be trying to help you avoid a harmful situation or warn you of an impending change.

4. Wake up with a sense of peaceful well-being

If your loved one has been concerned about your health and well-being, he or she may have tried to help you by sending you a peaceful sleep.

5. The dream seems so real to you

Your dreams are usually vague in detail and you are more likely to forget them as soon as you wake up. But when a deceased loved one tries to contact you, you can usually feel, see, and hear them as if they were right next to you.

6. Your loved one looked younger and healthier than they were when they died

When you see them in your dreams, they look happy and as they were before they died. They look healthy and vibrant, the way you prefer to remember them. They want you to know that they had no suffering when they died, and they may seem whole and happy to you now.

7. Your deceased loved one tells you they are well and still with you

In dreams, sometimes your deceased loved one may talk to you. You may hear his voice or understand what he is saying. Most often, they know that you have been worried about where they are now, so they will appear to you in a dream to tell you that everything is fine where they are now.

8. You wake up knowing something you didn’t know before

Sometimes you wake up knowing something you were sure you didn’t know before. Whether it’s a certain decision you need to make in life or advice you need about something, you suddenly know about it. Chances are, if you’ve dreamed about your loved one before, this knowledge will