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8 early signs that tell you your man doesn’t care about the relationship anymore

8 early signs that tell you your man doesn’t care about the relationship anymore

1. He is not interested in your happiness

He will avoid asking you what you need and even listening to you. Whenever you do something good for the relationship, he shows no enthusiasm. Also, a man who is not interested in your happiness will not try to open up to you, earn your trust, complement you, or make you laugh. When it gets to the point where he shows no interest in your happiness, sit back and evaluate what it is you love about him. Also, determine what has changed in your life that has made him not make you happy anymore.

2. He picks fights with you frequently

It could also mean he is not interested or committed to your time. Consider working through the issues he is raising. But if he is fighting you over the same point frequently, he acts like he doesn’t care, and nothing is changing for the better, then things are moving towards the end.

3. He No Longer Includes You in Future Plans

Happy couples enjoy remembering their past, living in their present, and looking forward to their future. But a man who’s checked out won’t include you in his upcoming plans- he’s probably too focused on perfecting his exit strategy!

4. He breaks his promises all the time

Ask yourself how important the promises were to you. You may have found the situation frustrating and annoying. However, if you felt hurt by his failure to fulfil what he promised, he does not care about you.

5. He flirts with other women in front of you.

When a man falls in love, there’s no other woman out there for him. It’s you and you alone that can set his world alight in passion, so if he’s outright flirting with women in front of you, he doesn’t care about you.

If he does care about you and flirts when he’s intoxicated, that’s a toxic relationship. Never let a man treat you in this way because you’re worth much more.

6. He is too secretive

While it is impossible to share every minute detail with your boyfriend, a specific level of transparency is healthy. However, do not assume the worst. Tell him how his secrets affect you. Avoid being too aggressive when communicating. Also, test him to see if he cares by asking him to go for counselling. If he refuses, something is wrong.

7. He does not spend time with you like before

If he is not spending time with you like before, it could mean he is pulling back from the relationship. Your boyfriend may fail to be considerate, stops caring, or finds your company too uncomfortable for him. What to do when your boyfriend doesn’t care anymore? Talk to him. Find out what he wants and try to support him. If you see no changes, find your happiness elsewhere.

8. He does not call, text, or try to communicate with you

If your boyfriend is not calling, texting, or communicating with you, it could be early signs he doesn’t miss you. A boy that misses his girl will try to respond to her text or call or talk to her often. The man can also show he misses you indirectly by telling you he wishes he was there with you or he would like to hang out with you again.