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7-Yr-Old Has Perfect Surprise For Her Best Friend’s 100th Birthday.

During the holiday season, a small girl from Newton Township, Pennsylvania, pulled out all the stops to help her closest friend celebrate his 100th birthday.

Layla Leuthy Peck, seven, and World War II veteran Joe Gagliardi have been pals for her whole lives. In fact, Joe has been an honorary part of her family since before she was born. Her father, Sean, was also friends with Joe as a child.

Layla knew Joe had to celebrate his big milestone birthday in style when the time came. So she worked with the local fire and police departments and her first-grade classmates.

Layla arrived at Joe’s home in a fire truck with the sirens blasting, followed by a convoy of police cars, on his 100th birthday. When the parade pulled up to Joe’s door, Layla, who was dressed in her best Christmas attire, ran into Joe’s arms as fast as she could.

Officers with the fire and police departments lined up behind her. Once the two friends shared a special, wholesome moment, the officers took turns shaking Joe’s hand and thanking him for his service.

Layla’s Friends Made 100 Handmade Cards to Mark Joe’s 100th Birthday

Among the first responders in attendance was Layla’s father, a police officer. He took a little break before sharing some of own memories of Joe with the crowd.

“I grew up two houses down,” she shared. “I always listened to Joe’s stories as a veteran and that encouraged me to join the Army.”

An officer gave Joe a flag that had flown over the Washington, D.C. capital building in his honor as a token of appreciation. But nothing made the centenarian smile more than the gifts Layla brought.

During the celebration, Layla handed Joe a Santa bag filled with 100 handmade cards from her classmates.

“I thought, ‘Since he’s turning 100 maybe we should make him 100 cards, ’cause he’s a good person!’ We made 100 cards, the whole first grade did,” Layla told ABC6.

Before Layla left for the day, she gave her best friend a long hug.

“I love you,” Joe told Layla.

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