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7 Ways To Test A Guy To See If He Truly Has Feelings For You

7 Ways To Test A Guy To See If He Truly Has Feelings For You
1) Pay attention to the way he behaves

It’s not only the way he treats you, but things like if he talks to other people and misses his phone calls when he is with you. This means that he values the time with you more than anything else and that he doesn’t want to lose your attention by chatting with anyone else. If you notice it, you should be happy because it’s a sign has deeper feelings for you.

2) Observe his eyes

If you notice how caring and soft his gaze is, then he is definitely in love with you! Besides, you can notice it if he is constantly staring at you when you two are together, and no matter what you do he keeps looking at you. This means that he really adores everything about you!
You will know that he cares for you deeply.

3) He is jealous

If he is jealous when he sees some guys around you, then this means he cares about you.

4) He makes time for you

If you are together for a long time and your man truly loves you, he will make time for every date excursion that you set up with him.

This means that he cares about your interests and wants you to know that he is willing to do everything to make you happy! If you notice that he makes an effort to show up every time you need him, this is a major sign he has strong feelings for you.

5) He tries to show you how much he cares

If a man swallows his pride and allows himself to be vulnerable with you, then this is a sign that he has special feelings for you. This also includes trying to show that he cares by being honest, loving, and understanding.

If you feel loved and secure when you are together, that is a great sign that he deeply cares about you.

6) He keeps you close to him when you are together

Body language says a lot, and if he holds you close to him and he sets you in his arms when you’re together, then he wants to make sure that nothing will ever come between the two of you. It is also a way to show the world just how much he cares.

When a couple is together, and they sit close or hold hands, you can see that their love is real just by looking at them.

7) He kisses you frequently

If he kisses you a lot, this is a sign of affection and he doesn’t want to lose you!

A kiss makes you feel loved, accepted, and most importantly, it expresses how he feels about your relationship and the intimacy between you.