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7 Things In Life You’d Better Not Reveal To Anyone

7 Things In Life You’d Better Not Reveal To Anyone

As the saying goes, “Be careful who you vent to. A listening ear can quickly become a running mouth.” Some people learn from terrible experiences that there are certain key things they should never let into the ears of a certain person.

Sometimes you just feel uneasy after letting out a key detail about your life.

We’ve all been there. It is better to keep certain things to yourself no matter the urge you have to tell someone. Here are eight of such things.

1. Your secrets and embarrassing things you know about others

If at all, gossiping never makes you look like a good person. It shows lack of confidence and that you’re are trying to make yourself look better by undermining the value of others.

Also giving negative information comes with negative energy that can have a bad influence on you or the people you’re talking to. So if you know something embarrassing about others, just keep it to yourself.

2. Your property

Some people can’t wait to start bragging about something new they bought, whether it’s a car, house, clothes or anything money can buy. However, this behavior is a clear sign of low self esteem and such people usually have big personality flaws.

They use material possessions to hide their flaws to seek attention. Refrain from bragging. It makes you appear shallow, and means appreciate your material possessions more than anything else in life.

3. Your goals

Most of us have certain goals in life, certain things we want to achieve. Best is to set them, work on them and not share them with anyone until you have achieved them. Because in case you find something else more interesting and you stop working on the goals, people will start questioning you and you honestly do not have to explain yourself to anyone! Secondly, once you share what you want, not all have something positive to say. There will be negative comments, bad vibes from those with complexes and as we Indians say “nazar lagjaati hai”.

4. How much you earn

Your income is definitely something others should not be familiar with. Talking about money is often unpleasant because you can never be sure about another person’s financial situation. And if you find yourself in the company of a person who talks about their finances, they are likely very insecure and they need constant approval. Such person has no other interests in life but money.

5. Family drama

No family is perfect! They may look well knit and oh so lovely but there are skeletons behind each door. If you want to talk, talk to a therapist or probably that one trustworthy best friend. Everyone does not need to know them. Because even if they seem to be consoling you, people do end up making fun of you no matter how messed up their own home is. Why subject your own personal life to nonsensical gossip?

6. Doing good things for others

We are surrounded with videos on social media about people who have helped a homeless person, a sick man or an orphaned child. Even though helping those in need is always a good idea, sharing your good deeds with the rest of the world just makes you look like you are bragging and using the poor person to get attention. Good deeds are valuable when left untold.

7. The intimate details of your relationship

When you’re in a relationship with someone, they have to be able to trust you to keep certain things between the two of you.

You and your partner will know things about each other that no one else does. You’ll be exposed to each other’s weaknesses, vulnerabilities, insecurities, finances, past life, etc. And keeping those intimate details within yourself shows your level of respect and trust for each other