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7 simple actions that ‘tie his heart’

Here are simple ways to keep him thinking about you and wanting to see you.

Don’t show up too much

If you want to make him miss you, the most basic thing is that you should not always be by his side. It’s the simplest trick to keep him thinking about you.

This means you are not around him and are not constantly appearing on social networks.

Men are more solitary creatures than women. So if you’re wondering how to make a guy miss you, start with this tip. Give him space and make him miss you.

Show small gestures of love

When you’re exploring how to make your boyfriend miss you, you also want to be in his presence, but in a subtle way.

Specifically, whenever you get the chance, leave your things in his car or apartment.

Leave surprise notes for him. Small gestures of affection are especially effective when he’s not expecting it, so get creative. Think of texts that will make him crave you and send them out of the blue (but do this every once in a while).

Pay attention to your own needs

How to make him miss you more? The answer is to take care of yourself. No matter how much you love him, don’t forget that you need to love yourself first.

Let him have his own space

Just like how you became an independent woman worth loving and missing, he is also a man with his own needs and life as he was before he met you.

Therefore, to make him miss you, you also need to respect this and give him his space.

Treat him like a friend

Don’t reveal your feelings to him right from the start if you’re looking for a way to make him miss you.

Treat him like a friend, not a lover. Once you start doing that, you will be able to control your feelings for him and also make him chase you.

Show that you trust him

Support him and most importantly create the space and time for him to realize all his dreams and potential.

He will always miss you thinking how amazing you are! He won’t feel as uncomfortable as many men do in long-term relationships and marriages.

For example, don’t be afraid to let him hang out with his friends. You can send him messages to make him think about you but don’t control him.

Let him take the initiative

Don’t always be the first to propose a plan. Let him show some effort on his part. A relationship is only successful when both parties play equal roles.

If you continue to work hard for him and shoulder all the burden, he will be less invested and will get bored of you. Eventually, he will stop missing you.