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7 Signs You Are One Of His Options Because Your Man Is ᴜsɪɴɢ You

7 Signs You Are One Of His Options Because Your Man Is ᴜsɪɴɢ You

To give you a head start if your man is using you and he is leeching as much as he can, start watching for the following signs evident in your routine:

1. You doesn’t feel prioritized or respected.

If you don’t feel prioritized or respected in your relationship, you need to leave. End of discussion. Anyone who doesn’t care or value you is not worth being with, not to mention they are definitely using you and your relationship for their own personal gain.

2. You never hear him say anything about commitment.

Precisely, he is with you until he gets what he needs, and eventually he will discard you when he gets bored of you. Before he makes the decision of your life, you should take the strings of your life in your hand and calculate the possibility of him staying with you in the long run or not.

3. You don’t feel stable in your relationship or have an official promise/label.

One of the sure signs that you are being used by a man is if your relationship has no real ‘title’. If you have never had a conversation about what you are doing or what your relationship means, it is likely that the man you are with is not really serious about you.

4. You’re always doing something for him with nothing in return.

Love is all about give and take. But if you’re doing more of the giving and never receiving, maybe it’s time to pay attention.

5. He never keeps his promises.

His promises are disappointments from the very beginning of your relationship. He doesn’t care whether or not you keep your commitments. Why do you want to continue with him?

6. His past life is a mystery.

This should alert you when your partner is hesitant to open up about the details of his past or his life, there must be secrets he is hiding that may be deteriorating for you to know.

7. He is trying to keep his options open and is still flirting with other girls.

It’s best to guess by this sign that he’s not in this relationship for a long shot when you see him flirting with other girls. He will discard you from his life when he has a better option.

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