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7 Signs a guy is showing his partner ғᴀᴋᴇ love, Number 5 is a Big Sign, please do not ignore it

7 Signs a guy is showing his partner ғᴀᴋᴇ love, Number 5 is a Big Sign, please do not ignore it

1. In disagreements, he is rarely the first to apologize.

If you have an argument with your man and he doesn’t apologize or comfort you, there’s a problem. It would help if you were careful to take note of how misunderstandings are handled in your relationship.

Does your partner sweep problems under the rug? After an argument or fight, does he act as if your feelings mean nothing and you have no right to be angry?

If your answer to the question is yes, then it sounds like you are not genuinely loved in your relationship.

2. He cares only about intimacy.

What does your partner do after a round of intimacy?

You can have a great intimate life even if he doesn’t really love you, but what happens after the intimate? Does he kiss you after the act?

Does he hug you in the sheets, bring you coffee in bed, or laugh with you? These are things that a man who truly loves you will do. So if he isn’t, watch out!

3. He never opens up to you about his personal life.

Because he sees little hope for a future with you, he will never encourage in-depth discussions between the two of you.

4. He doesn’t call or text you as often

He says he loves you, but he would never call to check on your well-being often. Men who genuinely care about you will make frequent calls to see how you are doing.

5. He avoids crowded areas while you are together

Guys are typically prideful people, they would like to take their partners they love to entertainment areas in order to make people envy them. Never expect him to take you out or introduce you to his friends if he doesn’t love you.

6. He only shows you extra care when he needs your help.

Only when he is in need and recognizes that you can help him will he be able to show you unique or extraordinary care. Once you have helped him with his needs, the focus and care diminishes.

7. He never takes you seriously

When someone has no interest in you or does not genuinely love you, he will not value what he is telling you.

He acts like he takes you seriously, but a close observer will notice that he really doesn’t give you a hoot. For example, he never shows any interest in how you are feeling and in your opinions.

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