7 Reasons People in a Toxic Relationship Find It Hard to Leave

Anyone who thinks it is easy to get out of a poisoned relationship seems to ignore the turbulence they are going through. Constant handling, constant reduction, intense doubt – it hits you with a ton of power. But even if others say you should stop doing this, it’s easier said than done. And this is usually due to the following seven reasons:

1. It feels like he’s the only one who will love you

In the past, you did not need anyone to make you feel worth it because you knew it was you. At the beginning of this relationship, you lost a quarter to nobody, not even him. But slowly, his insults that disguised as compliments began to transform you. He listed each of your mistakes under the motto “I am doing this for your own good”. Yes. Well, you really do not think anyone would like you. And it’s because you think he loves you despite all your mistakes.

2. You always doubt your decisions

All his gas fires make you feel that you can not make your own decisions. He always found a way to ask you if you were smart enough to do anything on your own. Where you used to see the path ahead, everything is now muddy. Being with him prevents you from making an informed decision, even if you leave him and return to your own life.


3. You can’t turn to your loved ones for fear they’ll judge you

In one way or another, during all the time you spent with him, your attachment to your loved ones became weak. As he constantly asks for your time and attention, you have rebuffed your family and friends. Now that your relationship with them has lost its strength, it is scary to turn to them for fear of condemning you for being with them and ignoring them. And one of your biggest worries is that they will not make you more attractive.

4. You don’t have the confidence to leave because he broke you

In the past, trust was the name of your game. You knew what you wanted and you took it. But after you’ve been with him, you do not know where that trust has gone. When you decide to leave, you do not have the confidence to do so. It’s not like you do not want to get out of this poisoned relationship, but it’s not easy when he’s stripped you so hard.

5. You have become dependent on him in every way

Whether you are financially or emotionally, you have become dependent on him. You feel he is the only one to be there for you when you need him, even if you know he is not always there for you. You agree to respond to his whims and his imaginations, and because you have taken the habit of withdrawing your love when he does not love something, you must reassure him. Having children with you makes the task more difficult because you feel you have to stay with them.

6. You don’t know what others will think about it

When you were single, you did not care what someone said or thought about you. But with him, you fear being judged by others who consider your relationship to be perfect because it makes it look like this. They worry about whether others punish you for leaving or hurting such a “perfect” partner. As a result, you stay with him because you think it would save him and bother you.


7. He manipulates you into staying – Every. Single. Time

But by the time you ignore all the fear and worry and dare out of the relationship, you can not. Because he says something that makes you wonder if you are overreacting. A good memory, a laugh, a moment that has connected you – everything is at your disposal and he uses it relentlessly to keep you there and make it as impossible as possible to leave.


Source: https://her.womenworking.com