7 of the biggest ways people c.h.e.a.t in their relationships

7 of the greatest ways that people c.h.e.a.t  in their relationships

It is hard to believe that some people still wonder if certain actions in a relationship are considered “fraud”.

They would think that people have reached a consensus on what is fraud or not. Many people use the rule “If you have to ask if it’s a fraud, it’s probably a scam” to guide your decisions, but if you’re still not sure what constitutes fraud we have a list for you. ,

1) Answering Text Messages

Whether it’s day or night, talking to someone who attracts you or knowing it, and you do not want your partner to discover it, it’s emotional c.h.e.a.t.i.n.g.

2) Leaving People Out of Conversations

If you find that some people are excluded from your conversations because you know that a fight is going on or because you do not want your partner to ask questions, you are mistaken.

Neglecting who you spend time with because it annoys your partner is a very good sign that you are doing something you really should not do.

3) You Say You Are Single

It’s hard to believe that someone in a long-term relationship says he’s single, but it happens.

When you lie about your relationship status, remember that you are c.h.e.a..t.i.n.g on your partner.

You can not fool them physically, but you deceive them.

4) Harmless Flirting

Many people think that flirting is good, even if you are in a relationship.

The truth is that flirting sends the wrong message to many people, including the person with whom you flirt.

It’s not fair to the person you are in contact with and you know you will not mention the conversation you had with the waitress 30 minutes after lunch.

“We just talk” will always mean “I like it” in the eyes of your partner.

5) You Get Dressed Up For Someone Else

If you find that you put a little more effort into your hair, makeup, shoes or clothes, take a minute to understand why you are trying to impress them.
What about the person with whom you go to the party?

Think about who you want to know, then find that you are c.h.e.a.t.i.n.g while continuing your planned outfit.

6) You Lean on Someone Else for Comfort

Everyone has this special person in his life to rely on and whom they can count on to help him in times of need. However, if this person is not your partner or your best friend, this can be considered fraud.

If you talk to someone from your partner behind your back, especially someone who has feelings for you, you are deceiving everyone in the situation.

7) Following People Online

With the increasing use of the Internet to build relationships, it is becoming increasingly common for people to find new love even when they have love at home.

And sometimes it’s not intentional, it happens. While the Internet brings people together, it’s important to know the limits and limits that can be crossed when flirting online or talking online.

For example, if you’re still looking at half-naked photos of girls you know in real life, but your girlfriend is lying in bed next to you, it may be time to rethink who you follow on social media because you are c.h.e..a.t.i.n.g on your girlfriend and dishonest about your relationship with other girls.

8) Lying about an Old Flame

Whether you notice it or not, you deceive your partner if you forget to mention that you met one of your former partners.

Most reasonable people know that ex-partners are a reality, but if you hide it, you have good reason to doubt your motives, which can cause many problems for relationships. If you are open and honest, it’s just a friendship and not a scam.

Remember, if you have to ask if your actions are acceptable, they probably are not. If you’re wondering if it’s a good idea, it’s probably not the case. If you have to lie to your partner, do not do it.


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