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6 things men have in common that will make a marriage always happy and pleasant. Does your husband have any of them?

If your husband exudes these 6 characteristics, then you can rest assured that as long as you don’t make big mistakes, your marriage will be strong and lasting.

1. Progressive and practical man

An ambitious man who does not fulfill his duties will find it difficult to manage a marriage well. It’s not easy to take care of yourself, so how can you shoulder the responsibilities that come with it?

An active man who knows how to shoulder financial responsibilities will work hard to earn money to support his family. Their careers are stable, they constantly learn at work and improve every day.

The man’s progress in marriage will also lead to positive changes from his wife. A woman who is loved and is calculated for her every step in life will certainly be happier and lighter than one who has to frown and think about economics all day. Therefore, in happy married families, men are always progressive, realistic and always push themselves forward.

2. The man owns his source of income but is still willing to give you money

If you want to know how faithful a man is, look at the way he gives money to his wife to keep. A man is more likely to cheat because he has many other sources of outside income.

However, remember, when a man gives his wife almost all of the salary he has to earn, you can actually rest assured that this man will be less likely to betray his wife and children.

3. The man is satisfied with his current marriage

People often say “fidelity is when you haven’t found a better match yet”. Through this, it can be seen that a state of satisfaction and contentment in a relationship is extremely important.

Once that is achieved, people will focus on cultivating and building marriage without looking outside to find another or a better “match”.

A husband is always satisfied with his wife, even if she is not very beautiful, talented, even if she still has many bad habits – that is a good basis to show that your marriage will be happy.

When we are satisfied with what we have, appreciate it, and preserve it, the possibility of changing our hearts will be extremely low.

4. The man gives you the right to proactively manage the family

When a man is determined to marry you and wants to spend his life with you, he will give you the right to manage your home.

In his heart, you are the master of this family and he will not interfere in any of your decisions.

After a real woman meets a real man, you don’t need to be a strong woman anymore, you just need to be someone you really like.

When a man really loves you, when a man really wants to marry you, he will not guard you financially, because he trusts you from the bottom of his heart.

5. The man has high emotional intelligence

Why is it that when still being in a romantic relationship, they love each other so much, but when living together, their relationship is not strong anymore, even after a few years they decide to separate?

The reason is that marriage needs to be more related to other relationships, and more domestic and foreign affairs. From there, conflicts arose. Everyone becomes an awkward character in the chaos and eventually they get tired.

For example, the story of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the story of sisters-in-law in the house… every relationship needs to be adjusted. Many wives even have conflicts with their own parents or siblings.

From those conflicts, they frown, get angry and also affect their own small family.

If they have a husband with high emotional intelligence, they will know how to understand problems and solve them. He can give advice to his wife or secretly talk to his mother to resolve the matter between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. He will also listen and grasp the real problem that is happening to chart a suitable direction for relationships in the home.

That said, happy marriages always have a man who is psychological, understanding and has high emotional intelligence.

6. A proactive man allows you freedom of choice

After marriage, what a woman wants most is a man who gives her the freedom to choose.

Whether choosing to take care of children at home or work hard on their careers, women hope that this is not a proposition made by men, but that they make choices that are more suitable for themselves based on reality.

When a man really wants to marry you and be with you for the rest of his life, he will not interfere with what you do, nor interfere with what kind of person he wants to become after marriage. He wants you to be happy and live well, he wants you to be yourself.