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6 Signs You’re Losing Your Soul: The Signs She’s Desperately Trying to Tell You How Much She’s Suffering

6 Signs You’re Losing Your Soul: The Signs She’s Desperately Trying to Tell You How Much She’s Suffering

Do you feel powerless to control your Destiny? Do you feel physically and mentally weak? Do you often ask yourself the question “Why am I even in this world?”

If such thoughts occur to you regularly, it is possible that this is how your soul is trying to contact you.

Often times we are forced to do things that do not bring us happiness, but simply fill the void in our lives.

There are things and actions that slowly destroy your own soul.

Now we’re going to look at 12 signs that you may be able to tell that your soul is tired and dying and trying to tell you that.

How You’re Losing Your Soul

1. When we don’t learn from our mistakes

We are human and prone to make mistakes. Our biggest mistake is that most of us never learn from our mistakes. Then the soul starts to feel bad and we blame ourselves for something we didn’t do right.

Instead, we can accept the mistake we made, learn from the situation, and see what we can do to avoid it in the future.

The soul grows and develops with us and also learns from the mistakes we make.

2. You’re losing your soul when we constantly justify ourselves

Regularly making excuses for something, you get to a point where both body and soul get tired and begin to give way.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your soul is to accept your mistakes and not try to find an easy way out of complicated situations. That is, not to try to do the impossible. It just doesn’t make sense to waste energy pointlessly.

3. You’re losing your soul when we fear the future

We constantly asking ourselves, asking what our future will be. In doing this, we forget that we are actually torturing and hurting our own soul, as all the negative thoughts and tension that slowly build up inside us consume and poison our soul.

4. You’re losing your soul when we cling stubbornly to the past

You cannot change what has already happened in the past, and even though your mind is aware of it, you still allow it to live in the past.

Break free from the past! No matter how good or bad, let go of all things and events from your past. Your soul wants to live, let it move forward and not dwell on something that can no longer be returned or changed.

5. Negative talk and thoughts

By indulging in thoughts that carry a negative context, your soul begins to feel bad… She suffers from the negative energy these conversations bring and begins to self-destruct.

Therefore, instead of spending hours discussing the bad, try to move on to something good and pleasant. Positive thoughts and a positive attitude are the best food for the soul and body.

6. Your losing your soul when we allow others to abuse our kindness

It’s great to help those who need our help. However, everything should be in moderation. Don’t let people take advantage of you and abuse your kindness.

Always appreciate your worth and learn to finally stand up for yourself. Otherwise, feeling all the injustice, your soul will be tormented and suffer. And it will slowly die…

7.  Your losing your soul when we do something that does not serve our purpose

Your Soul wants to be involved in something that brings happiness and fulfillment. Don’t try to stick to a routine because it only hurts your soul.

Be adventurous, spontaneous and open to new things. May your soul be happy and find its purpose in this life. Otherwise, it will start to resist and hurt.

8. You’re losing your soul when we are not true to ourselves

When we cheat on ourselves, when we do something that goes against our desires, morals and values.

This can be due to various reasons – peer pressure or trying to fit into some society with made-up morals.

And when you decide to do something you don’t like at all, you become unfaithful to yourself.

Therefore, determine what you like in life and identify for yourself those things that match your morals, principles and spiritual values.