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6 signs your husband is in love with ‘other woman’

Marriage is supposed to be a lifelong commitment, but all too often it can go off track. Especially when there’s another woman involved …

Finding true love and intimacy can be a challenging journey, but when you find it and it still derails the feelings of disappointment can be intense … If you’re worried about your husband’s behavior and wondering what’s wrong there are some important things you are probably wondering about.

First and foremost: is your husband ᴄʜᴇᴀᴛɪɴɢ and – even worse – is he in love with another woman? It hurts to ask, but taking an honest look at these 6 signs a married man is in love with another woman will help you know whether your suspicions are well-founded or not.

1. He is charming only around the other woman

If your husband switches on his charming persona only when the other woman is around, then it’s a major red flag that indicates he is in love or attracted to the other woman. But if you don’t experience the same amount of love and affection when he’s around you, then something is definitely wrong.

2. He’s physically distant

Some men are naturally a little less physically affectionate, but if you’re noticing an obvious “pulling back” from him then it can be a sign he’s fallen for someone else.

Where once there were cuddles and kisses now there’s him awkwardly getting up from the couch when you sit down.

3. The amount of compliments increase

You’ll notice that your husband has begun throwing compliments around a lot, whether he’s giving you some or throwing compliments at others. This sudden change in his behaviour is a way to identify that he’s truly in love with the other woman, so as to start appreciating people around him.

4. He’s always on his phone

You might notice your husband chatting away on his phone or texting all the time. His sudden attraction towards his phone is an indication that he is more attracted to the other woman, whom he is ᴄʜᴇᴀᴛɪɴɢ on you with.

5. He doesn’t care how you’re doing

It’s normal for a husband to ask his wife how she’s doing now and then. Or even just give her a rub on the shoulder and ask if anything exciting happened today.

Sure, it may have become routine or a bit boring by now, but it’s a nice sign of checking in and caring. But if your husband is into someone else now he’s not going to be doing this kind of thing much – if at all.

He’ll rarely ask how you are or stop listening as soon as he asks. He’ll seem preoccupied, even jittery, and completely unfocused on you or how you are doing.

In many cases, it will seem like not only does he not care, he actively wants to avoid asking or having any interaction with you at all beyond the complete basics.

6. He’s comparing you to others

When your husband starts comparing you to others, or mainly other women, then it’s a sign he’s clearly comparing you with the other woman he is in love with. He may not directly be comparing you to her, but he’s trying to throw hints your way.

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