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6 Reasons why men ¢нєαт on their partners, even when they really love them…

6 Reasons why men ¢нєαт on their partners, even when they really love them…

1. They are immature

They are simply not capable of realizing that their extramarital affair can have devastating consequences for their partner or family and that they could even lose the people they love.

2. They want to save their marriage

How is this possible? When they start having problems with their partner and don’t know how to solve them, they think it’s best to seek that comfort elsewhere. They may feel trapped and unhappy in their relationship, but they don’t want to hurt their partner by breaking up with them.

3. Low self-esteem issues.

They don’t feel attractive, powerful, intelligent, young or otherwise, and seek validation from sources that make them feel more confident and superior. They choose to commit infidelity to get possible validation from other women, and in this way, feel better about themselves by thinking that they are worthy, desirable and attractive to others.

4. They have unrealistic expectations

They have unrealistic expectations of what their partner and primary relationship can (and should) provide. They may think that their partner must meet all their needs and desires, which is an impossible standard to meet. When these expectations are not met, they begin to seek intimate attention elsewhere because they feel they deserve to be happy.

5. They lack admiration and do not feel valued

Men would like to receive some recognition and attention. If their emotional needs are not met and they are constantly ignored or criticized, they will feel neglected and emotionally disconnected from their partner. They then see an affair as an opportunity to receive that approval, admiration and attention that makes them feel good. This is probably one of the most common reasons men cheat.

6. They believe the relationship is losing emotion

When primary relationships settle into the comfort zone of long-term love, men may want to feel the intensity of a newly formed relationship.