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6 Obvious Signs He No Longer Takes Relationships Seriously

6 Obvious Signs He No Longer Takes Relationships Seriously

1. He’s extremely lazy.

If he doesn’t make an effort, it may mean he’s not interested in having a serious relationship with you or anyone.

He doesn’t call when he says he will or text when he promised he would. He forgets dates or never initiates conversation. What’s wrong with this dude?

2. He takes you for granted.

When a guy is truly serious about you, he will show you how much he loves and appreciates you and everything you do for him.

If you bring him food when he’s got the flu and he doesn’t thank you or you feel like whatever you do is never enough for him, this guy’s a joke. Maybe he’s just selfish in general, but that’s not boyfriend material.


3. He keeps his life under wraps.

If you feel like you know him but not as well as you’d like, it means he’s keeping you at arm’s length because he doesn’t want to get too close to you emotionally.

You shouldn’t have to drill him to find out more about him and his life, especially if you’ve been dating for months! if he is serious about you, he will be more open than that.

4. He’s a bit party guy.

There’s nothing wrong with partying up a storm on the weekends, but you can tell that a guy who’s always hitting the club and getting drunk with his friends isn’t really the type who looks like he wants to chill on the couch with his girlfriend or settle down any time soon.


5. He’s childish.

This is another sure sign he’s not interested in getting into a relationship. The guy’s all about pranks and spending time with his mates doing stupid things to make each other laugh.

Ugh. There’s no way he’d be able to be mature enough to be a decent boyfriend if he’s still letting his mother do his laundry or he doesn’t know how to manage his money.

6. He’s always got his hand on the exit button.

He’s the type of guy who’ll go AWOL instead of dealing with an argument with his partner, and maybe you’ve seen glimpses of this behavior.

He’s either scared to get real or he’s just keen on avoiding drama, but that really means that he’s not going to be able to deal with a real, grown-up relationship.