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6 female behaviors that men love more than anything

There are certain favorable traits a woman could possess that commands respect and attraction from men. No matter how unscrupulous or high-handed a man is, if he sees a woman with these favorable traits, it makes him stand up to his feet. The character of a woman is her true beauty. Therefore, men seem to love women with these 5 behaviors more than anything.

1. Men love a woman who compliments her partner

It’s not just women who like to be complimented. Even if the partner will not ask for compliments, he is always delighted when his girlfriend takes the trouble to appreciate his work and his efforts. The man also needs to be reassured about his ability to satisfy the desires of his spouse. Then, covering him with compliments at times reinforces his self-esteem and gives him the strength to make more effort for the well-being of his lover.

2. Men love women that are loyal and humble.

Humility is one thing that commands the heart of people. No man can tolerate a fish-wife. As well, no man can tolerate a woman who equates her ego to that of a man. If a lady can humble herself in her dealings with a man, she’s sure to attract love and admiration from him.

3. Men love a woman who is a great cook

Cooking is a skill that few women have, and even fewer want to learn. This is unfortunate because cooking, when done right, can be a demonstration of affection and love for your man.

When you go to serious lengths to prepare him coffee in the morning, or prepare him a great dinner before he goes to work, it shows him that you care for his happiness more than your own comfort. In most cases, men appreciate this gesture from their wives more than just about anything else they could do.

4. Men fancy intelligent women beyond measures.

Knowledge builds a love house in the heart. Smart and intelligent women are generally seen as an asset in the eyes of men. Men crave to be in a relationship with women who can intellectually contribute her ideas in any facet of life or contribute smart ideas that could profer a solution to a problem or add value to someone else.

5. A woman who puts her head on her partner’s chest

When you put your head on your partner’s chest, it means to him that you need to be comforted and feel safe. This gesture will bring out its protective side and it will do everything possible to make you feel protected.

6. Men Love and respect women who maintain their femininity.

This includes the speech pattern, voice tone and body carriage of a woman. No man wants to gladly be in a relationship with a woman who possess same traits with him.

7. Man loves a woman who cares for him deeply

If your man loves you deeply, it will make him feel that he’s not just another person in your life, but rather that he’s special. He’ll love that more than anything else in this world. Just remember, men are simple creatures when it comes to emotions, so if he sees that you care enough about him to follow him around everywhere without complaint, this is what he wants in a wife.

8. Men love a woman who is good at her job

If you are a woman who’s married to a man, you really need to do something about your career. Men love working women. It shows them that their wives are serious about putting their best foot forward in life, and they appreciate this quality more than anything else they can see in you.

For instance, if your marriage is doing terribly, but you are working hard at your job or business to make money for the family, he’ll come around eventually.