5 Ways to Effectively Deal With Criticism

However, in most cases, other opinions and criticisms do not concern you, but concern them. It comes from their limited perspective, their worries and their fears. Instead of taking their judgment personally or interfering in a dispute, you can take many positive steps to move forward.

Here are our 5 best ways to effectively manage reviews:
1. Take a deep breath (or a few).
It is better not to react immediately. Take a deep breath or a few if you need it. There is actually a very good reason for that. When we feel attacked, we sometimes go into combat or flight mode. With deep breathing, the oxygen continues, the heart rate is reduced and our reaction becomes calmer and more reasonable.

If you feel immediate and threatened, take the defense. This leads to unnecessary stress in your body. Remember that they are not you, that they have not spent a day in your place and that you are well. If what they say is a bit true, think about it later, if you have a clear mind. A perfect answer would be, “Thank you, give me some time to think about it.”

If criticism is a violation of the border, you do not answer at all. Take a deep breath and quit the conversation. They never want to react harshly and regret it later.

In most cases, critics have very little to do with you and more with the person and his vision of the world. If someone insults you, it’s usually because he / she feels that way or that way. They advise you on how they feel. If you show a lot of respect and trust in this person, the next advice will help you. If you do not do it, do not take it personally! Let him go in one ear and the other just as fast.

Remember that there is always a small degree of truth in everything. Statements that resemble criticism can only be sweet and affectionate memories. In fact, we can make a strong insult to this because there is some truth and our ego collapses. Yes, it’s true! It sounds crazy, but it’s true.
Being open to what you hear does not mean you have to believe it or act accordingly. It simply means that if you find something you can learn, do it anyway! Sometimes others can help us see things that we can not develop and improve.

Exactly! Even if you are a sensitive person, you need to be more strict and tolerant of criticism. It’s easy to be critical. It takes strength and courage to be who you really are and to live your own life.

You must be hard because the truth is that you will face criticism all your life. But the good news is that the less you pay attention to criticism, the less you feel it.

The best “harder tool” is self-esteem and deep self-confidence. So when you feel defeated, when judgment and criticism emerge, focus and develop your own love and self-confidence. If you know who you are and why you are here, you are unstoppable.

5. Always be true to yourself!
This is the most important tip – be true to you! Other people do not need to understand or accept your trip. If you are true to yourself and who you are, life is magical. At every street corner, opportunities open up. The solutions are endless and life is fun and exciting.