5 Things To Say To Your Parents Before It Is Too Late

Here are five things you should tell your parents before they leave.

I love you

I know that a lot of people have grown up and never heard “I love you” from dad or sometimes mom, but that does not mean they did not like you. Some families lived in a cultural context where they did not often say that I loved you. But love is more than words. Consider what your parents have been doing for so many years, a long love. Tell them “I love you”, even if you do not hear it.

Thank you

Not being grateful is described by the Apostle Paul as one of the attributes of the end-time infidels and how ungrateful it seems to us today. When was the last time we said thank you to someone? I do not mean dishonest flattery, but really praise someone for something he has done or is doing. Of course it means your parents. Nobody knows the day or time of departure, so say “thank you” before it’s too late.

I am sorry

For me, the eight most important words we can ever say, especially parents: “I love you”, “Thank you” and “I’m sorry”. in U.S. It’s so refreshing to hear someone apologize and I feel purified when I tell someone I’m sorry. It’s as if a charge has been raised. Feel free to tell your parents that you are sorry when you need it.

See you later
When a parent is about to die, it is not a goodbye, but “until later” because there is hope for the Christian out of the grave (1 Corinthians 15). Revisit the kingdom. Oh, what a day it will be. Encourage your parents that even death can not separate us from God or from one another in the kingdom of God (Romans 8: 38-39)

We must swallow more than our pride. We must kill him because God will resist any proud person (James 4: 6). We should humble ourselves before our parents and honor them and thank them for all they have done. Tell them you love them. Thank you Tell them that you are doing something that has caused you. Tell them that you need their loving discipline. And it’s never goodbye, but “see you later”.

May God bless you abundantly,
Pastor Jack Wellman