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5 things that make people settle with the wrong partner

5 things that make people settle with the wrong partner

1. Money

There are a lot of people today willing to do anything for money, unfortunately that doesn’t include hustling honorably for their own, instead, they’d rather settle with anyone who’s willing to splash the cash and provide for them even if they don’t exactly cut it character wise. Most of these people eventually realize their error mid way through the marriage, and the inevitable happens.

2. Illusions/stupid faith

You’ve been with this person for a while, and they’ve exhibited certain negative behavior and habits, but because you think you can change anyone, you decide to take the plunge.

3. Pity

Just because you’ve been with this girl/man for 10 years doesn’t mean they’re right for you. Sadly, a lot of us settle with people we know aren’t quite good for us just because we don’t want to seem ‘heartless’ and ‘bad’. Some of us even marry someone we don’t know that much just because they’ve been coming around too much, and they ‘deserve a try’.

4. Pressure from family and friends.

Your friends have all gotten married, and you hate to be the odd one out. Your family is mounting pressure on you to get a partner and give them grandchildren. So you Just accept anyone that offers to marry you without due consideration. Funny thing is they won’t even be there when things go south.

5. Lack of knowledge

If you do not know and believe in yourself, you will not know what you deserve. A lot of people settle for less because they don’t know they deserve better. They don’t know what they carry. A queen or a king cannot be with a rascal. It makes absolutely no sense.