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5 things that can cause resentment in your relationship

It is important for to partners should always avoid things that could lead to resentment, a well known poison to relationship happiness.

So as to successfully steer your relationship towards stability and happiness, here are 5 things you two should avoid because these things are some of the biggest causes of resentment in relationships.

1. Not speaking your mind

It is dangerous to be the partner who never speaks his or her mind. Holding in your fears feelings, unhappiness and the likes will only make things worse. Are you feeling some type of way about what your partner says or does to you, or some way they act in general which makes you uncomfortable? Speak up!

Refusal to do this might cause resentment to build in you, thereby affecting the balance of your relationship with them.

2. Not being listened to

When you ignore the opinions your partner expresses, you make them feel worthless and undervalued. Guess what this results to… of course you guessed right… resentment!

And while a refusal to speak their mind may be on them, the fault will be yours if they do speak up but you never take their feelings into account.

3. No appreciation

Everyone wants to feel valued, appreciated and your partner does, too. She wants to hear about how much you value her. Your boyfriend also wants to feel like he counts, that his efforts are appreciated and that his presence counts and makes a difference in your life.

You need to let them hear these things. That reassurance is good for your relationship.

4. Too many failed promises

This really does something awful to your relationship with them. If you can’t keep a promise, your partner will lose faith in you and that’s not good for your togetherness.

If you can’t keep a promise, don’t make it.

5. Unmatched efforts

If one person keeps trying, keeps pushing for a better relationship, better communication, and better everything while the other doesn’t bother to even try, resentment will surely set in.

Being inconsistent, lackadaisical and complacent is not good for your relationship.