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5 Things People Only Do When They Are Unhappy In A Relationship

Unhappiness in romantic partnerships have subtle ways of showing. It does not always come in obvious forms such as moping and obvious gloomy moods.

1. Avoidance

When a partner checks out and no longer shows the level of emotional involvement they used to show before, you should be a little worried about them.

If your partner would rather be alone than spend time with you, it could be a sign they are unhappy in your relationship.

2. Rather be alone

Allowing your partner enjoy private moments is very necessary. However, if there is more and more of this, it could be a telltale sign of unhappiness and could detrimental to the relationship.

When your partner distances themselves more and more, you should be worried because they may be losing interest in you or they even don’t love you anymore.

3. They seem happier when they’re away from you

Does it seem like your partner no longer really enjoys the fun activities you do together, but always comes home beaming from a night out with friends or a pickup basketball game? If they’re happier without you than they are with you, then your relationship might be the source of their unhappiness.

4. They Keep Reminding You Of The Past Issues

A tell-tale sign that your partner is unhappy in relationship is the tendency to fight over the past problems or something that you’ve done in the past.

This can happen when your partner is unhappy AND unconsciously looking for a way to justify these feelings by creating a fight where there shouldn’t be one.

5. They want less intimate relationships

Intimate relationships is a huge component of most healthy marriages, and couples tend to get into a routine that works for them. If you notice your partner seems less interested in making l0ve, that could be a sign they’re unhappy with the relationship.