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5 signs you’re in love with a partner who will never let you down

5 signs you’re in love with a partner who will never let you down
1. Your partner listens to your needs

If your partner respects your perspective, they’ll consider you when making decisions.

In a relationship, it’s important to have a partner who doesn’t judge or dismiss your feelings and needs.

It doesn’t mean they always agree and never have arguments. But your partner should listen to your needs and find ways to meet them. They should be committed to your mutual growth and refrain from doing things that would let you down.

2) Your partner shows up for the small and big things

Whether it’s a big deal or something silly, having a partner who celebrates with you and shares your feelings really makes a difference!

Here’s why:

– When your partner shows up consistently, they lay the bricks of something solid and lasting.

– By being there for things that matter, your partner says, “I’m here for you through thick and thin.”

3) Your partner shows you can trust them

Trust is like the glue that holds a relationship together.

Is your partner honest when you ask them questions? Does your partner do what they say they’ll do? Or do you constantly doubt them and find their words or actions suspicious?

What if you are with someone who throws a fit because you remind them of something they forgot to do for you? Or get mad when you ask them to elaborate on something you heard or saw?

If you never have to:

Go through your partner’s phone
Constantly question what they’re saying
Activate tracking software

…you have a keeper. That said, a trustworthy partner would be okay with you doing these things, too.

4) Your partner works towards your future together

Your partner should also be open about the future.

Partners who are reliable are open and honest about their goals, dreams, and plans. They’ll also consider yours and want to figure out how you can work towards a future together. Having a partner who tries to align their vision with yours is everything.

5) Your partner doesn’t blame others for their problems

Constantly blaming others creates no room for growth. And also shifts the focus away from finding solutions.

No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. But we should recognize and take responsibility for our actions. This shows maturity, accountability, and a willingness to better yourself.

If your partner can do this, you’ll always find a way to work through challenges together.

Because, in the end, you’re a team.