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5 Signs That your partner is in the relationship only for Sleep with You

5 Signs That Your Man Is Only In It For The sᴇx

1. He rushes to say he loves you.

He wants you to believe that he is being vulnerable to you so that you can be vulnerable to him in return. He wants to trick you into thinking he has genuine feelings for you, even though he hasn’t had adequate time to let those feelings turn into something real. It’s all an act he’s trying to pull just to get you into the sack.

2. He seems to call only when it’s 1) dark, 2) late and 3) to arrange when to be intimate.

It’s amazing how this can creep up on you. Step back and consider when they call and how far the relationship has progressed. It will suddenly become clear that they are using you.

3. He doesn’t make an effort to find out more about your life.

If he doesn’t express an interest beyond your appearance, then it’s all about aesthetics for him. He only finds you attractive and couldn’t care less what your soul or personality is made of. Men who are more interested in sᴇx usually focus on your appearance, your body and other physical characteristics.

4. He makes no effort to improve your life.

If a person was truly in love with you, he would be inspired to really make himself a better man. If it seems like he is still stuck where he was when you started dating, then you can bet that he really isn’t as in love with you as you think. He doesn’t see a future in his relationship with you, and that’s why he’s not really trying very hard to make himself better.

5. He tells you that all he wants is sleep with you.

He is being honest about his intentions with you and this is where you have to make a decision. Are you open to this kind of casual relationship with him that is based on lust and sᴇx? Or do you want something more? Only you have the answer to these questions.

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