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5 Signs Show That You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You

It is very hard to be in a relationship with a person who does not appreciate your love and does not do anything to make you feel loved and happy. Loving a self-absorbed person can be devastating because they will not give anything in return no matter how much you give to them.

You will keep trying to please them constantly but they will never let you know they see what you are doing for them, neither they will feel the need to do the same for you. If you feel like you are in a similar situation, this article can help you find out more about whether your partner is the person you should spend your life with. Here are the signs you should pay attention to


They break your trust and they lie to you. They never tell you where they are going or who they are seeing. They are living a double life and using you to support the other. They lie to you because you are not important to them. Only they are important to themselves. Everyone else is to be used and discarded in order to further their pleasure. They don’t love you enough to be honest with you and they are not considerate enough to end one relationship before starting another.


Relationships are about giving and taking in a balanced manner. Sometimes one partner might provide more, but both partners should be at the same point after a while. If you feel like you are the one who is giving and your partner is never looking to give back, then you are not someone they want to be with. Regardless of your personality, if you love someone you will do everything to make them feel loved and happy if you truly value them. A partner that does not do anything for you will make you feel exhausted and empty.


They are so wrapped up in their own life and desires that you are unimportant in their internal world. Most of the time, that is kept inside their own heads. When they are emotionally unstable or upset, that lack of respect leaks through in belittling comments.

It is one thing to tease your partner a bit and be teased in return, but when they are mean-spirited comments solely intended to hurt you, it is time to go. Someone who loves and respects you isn’t going to tear you down and they certainly would never think of doing it in front of other people.

A black hole, however, will tear you apart and break you down because that is in their nature.


How much can you rely on their help and support when you really need them? If your partner usually lets you go through hard times by yourself, do you really need him/her? Being in a relationship with a person that does not support you is pointless. Someone who deserves you will never make you feel like an inconvenience when you turn to them for their help.


You are a team. You will succeed or fail together. If one person on the team wins, then the team as a whole wins. We perform as individuals but win as a team, or at least, that is the way it should be. A black hole is called a singularity for a reason. Nothing can get close to them without being destroyed in the process.

These people are so self-oriented that they need to win in order to puff up their own ego – an ego so fragile that it cannot stand seeing someone else do well even if it’s their significant other.

You need someone who is pulling in the same direction as you and is willing to put in the effort to see the team succeed, even when they will get no glory from it.

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