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5 Secrets That You Should Stop Keeping From Your Partner. No. 1 And 2 Are The Most Serious

5 Secrets That You Should Stop Keeping From Your Partner. No. 1 And 2 Are Very Serious
1. Crucial medical information

Your health should never be kept secret from the partner you intend marrying. If you have some health complications or even a s_exu_ally transmitted disease, then your partner should know. It would be unfair to lead your partner on only for them to discover what you have been carrying all the while.

2. Intimacy Secrets

Being in a relationship is a profoundly intimate experience that involves constant communication. Even long-married couples still have trouble sharing their true feelings about things. This is particularly true if one person feels their relational needs go unmet.

Avoiding communication – about emotional needs, goals, and dreams, se_xual desires, anything at all – can, and likely will, create mounting problems in your relationship.

3. Financial secrets

Two people with different money values, for example, if one is an impulse buyer and the other is a habitual saver, must reconcile these differences and come to an understanding.

Entering a partnership/marriage should end any “my money, your money” ways of thinking. It is no longer your money or their money but yours.

Financial transparency is crucial to relationship happiness and, quite possibly, relationship sustainability.

4. Kids you have

People who decided to hide the fact that they had kids from past relationships eventually regret it. It reflects poorly on your character and it’s also neglectful for you to do that as a parent.

If you have children, just mention it and don’t keep those details hidden because the truth will eventually come out one day and it will not end well.

5. Major career plans

Dating or getting married means that your lives and goals merge into one. Your career moves will have an impact on each other so this isn’t something to hide.

For instance, if you know that you’re planning to move to a new country for work or school, let them know early. It’s not fair to just mention it when you’ve already decided and started planning for it, or when you’re on the last stages before relocating.

This is a topic you need to discuss so you can know the way forward before plans begin.