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5 male body parts that ladies find the most attractive

5 male body parts that ladies find the most attractive

Most males feel that money is what a woman is about seducing. But I’m here today to say that there are specific elements of the body that most women want in the body of a man. Let us examine this article well. Most women find five body areas appealing in guys.

1. Your lips.

According to Dr. Marisa Coen, in her essay The Science of Relationships, most women worldwide have always coveted large lips. Thus, if you’re a man with huge red lips, you’re more likely to attract more ladies. It is stated that most women throughout the world want to have fuller lips in their mouth when kissing.

2. Your eyes.

The eye is supposed to be the route to the soul. Your eyes are also what the ladies glance at when you come close to them. A new study suggests that most women are more attracted to the male eyes than the other face. Especially if your eye color differs from normal. Most women have gray, hazel and blue eyes more attracted.

3. Your chest.

The chest area is also one of the most appealing components of the male physique, with a very good percentage of women worldwide. He has done a study and concluded that most women like guys with wide and straight chests, Dr. Felix. So if you want to attract more ladies, just think about exercising your chest.

4. Your Beards.

According to a poll conducted in the women’s society, a very good percentage of women prefer for males with a barbed face. They stated they saw full manliness in individuals with beards on their faces. However, I don’t aim to make someone feel horrible about themselves. However, this article is based on a women’s community poll.

5. Your belly.

There is no news any more that the typical woman wants men with six packages. Six packages have even led some people forget that they have to work for money since they think they can attract a few affluent ladies to themselves. However, that is my clear advice. When you go to the gym to accomplish six packages, please use the opportunity to focus on your achievement objectives in your life.