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4 things a woman does when she secretly wants you

4 things a woman does when she secretly wants you

1. She is constantly looking at you

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Our eyes speak for us as they reveal how our hearts feel. If a girl can’t take her gaze away from you, it’s one of the signs she secretly loves you.

If she maintains eye contact, she is confident. She is shy if she glances away when you make eye contact. However, if her gaze merely passes by you momentarily and then disappears, she is most likely uninterested. If a girl is talking with you, you know she likes you because she will not avoid eye contact with you. She will show you that she is infatuated and that you have her full attention.

2. She is interested in the things you enjoy

Basically, if she starts to take interest in things that you enjoy, this means that a girl loves and wishes to spend more time with you. As a result, she will engage herself in something that you care about.

If she shows an interest in the things you enjoy, it is a good sign she likes you and is not completely opposed to you figuring it out. Things that you are passionate about that she will take a forced interest in could be anything. This could include a fandom, a hobby, a human rights movement you believe in, and so on.

3. When you are together, she gives you her entire attention

Consider what you do when you are chatting to someone but are not fully engaged: In this event, you might be checking your phone, checking the time, decluttering, typing, or something like that. If she is into you, she will not do any of these things while she is chatting to you. You will not see her talking to someone else. She will do anything to catch your attention. She will laugh at your jokes, but will be angry if you talk to the other girls even if they are only your friends.

4. She completely agrees with what you have said

When a girl likes a guy, she treats him as if he is a god who can’t make a mistake. Of course, in many cases, this is exclusive to the “honeymoon time,” but it can serve as a signal.

What does this look like?

She is probably into you for a long time if she is always rooting for you and standing up for you, even when everyone else is right and you are wrong. Start a conversation, pay close attention and you will notice this.