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4 Subtle Signs That Show Your Woman Is Not Satisfiєd in The Bᴇdroom

4 Subtle Signs That Show Your Woman Is Not Satisfiєd in The Bᴇdroom
1. Excuses, excuses

Everybody goes through periods when they’re not feeling s3xually amped. That might be due to a number of factors: Stress at work, a lapse in confidence, a hormonal shift, depression, or just plain exhaustion. But the sobering truth might be that she’s not just not picking up what you’ve been laying down lately. Do some careful probing and rule out those other reasons, then concentrate on changing up your game

2. She’s criticizing you in other areas

She might not want to discuss your performance to protect your feelings, but she might end up critiquing other things about you as a proxy. Maybe she’ll remark on your appearance, how you act, or whether you’re doing your share of household activities properly. Those little things annoying her about you wouldn’t appear so bad if you stepped back, took control of the situation, and start giving your best regularly.

3. She’s minding a gap affair is she satisfied

If someone isn’t getting their sexual needs met by their partner, they may try and fulfill themselves in another way that might not even be directly connected to s3x. Some people may indulge in food or alcohol, bury themselves in work or go on shopping sprees. Clues that she’s not feeling fulfilled may be lurking in your fridge, wine cooler or credit-card statement. If you think she’s not satisfied to the point of pursuing an affair, you should be more attentive.

4. She doesn’t want to cuddle

If a woman feels satisfied and amazed, she’ll want to be near you as she falls asleep or is anticipating your next go-round. However, if you’ve put in yet another performance that she found lackluster—even frustrating—she won’t be eager to snuggle. If she turns her back as soon as your session is over, you probably need to rediscover your dirty mojo.