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4 hottest spots on a man’s B0dy: ladies, don’t touch them because he will never let you sleep

Exploring your partner’s ʙᴏᴅʏ and touching on unexpected zones can bring a lot of playfulness into your love life.

Here are those areas where you must touch and tease your man if his ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴜʀᴇ is equally important to you.

1. Ears

Whispering all the dirty things you would do to him is enough to make your man very turned on. You can gently suck on his earlobes or tug at them. The ears are one of the most er0gen0us zones in the body that can make a man instantly ar0used.

2. Neck

The neck is always considered to be a super sensitive area. Kissing your man on the nape of their neck can be really $en$ual and $eXy. $timulating the neck can be a great idea if you are looking to ar0use your man during foreplay.

3. Torso

It is quite plain and simple but your man will love it when you play with their torso. Whether you drag your fingers through them or kiss them nice and slowly, anything will do the trick. Women also consider the torso part of men to be a real turn-on.

4. Inner thighs

This is a highly er0gen0us area and your man will absolutely appreciate it if you pay a little more attention to his inner thigh. Rub your hands, massage the area or even gently kiss and suck it. Your man will writhe in plea$ure.